As Seen…On Our Squamish Chief Hike

On our way to Squamish for last Saturday’s Squamish50 we decided to stop off and hike the first peak of the Chief, as Candice, Kim, and Norm had all never done it.  One of the most gorgeous rewarding shorter hikes you can do, the Chief is a must do!

2013-08-09 12.59.26

Not too much to say, so just a collection of some great pics we took along the way and at the top.  For reference we were moving at a nice casual pace and it was about 1:30 up, and 1:00 down.

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Ladies Trail Running Day – Part 2 – Lower Seymour

At the end of June, while Amber was in town, I came up with the idea of a Ladies Day on the Trails, and it was a HUGE success.  Kim planned to come up and stay with us and explore some of our trails before Squamish50 in August, so I decided to plan a second installment of our Ladies Trail Day for the last weekend of July.

The sad new is that Kim had a family emergency (everything’s ok), and had to cancel her trip the day before.  The good news, is that we went ahead with Part 2, and we had 11 ladies show up, and they ran varying distances of 9km, 13km, 23km, and 28kms!  We used the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve parking lot as a home base and aid station (car trunk), and were able to accommodate all different distances.

The day looked like this in a nutshell:

2013-07-27 20.01.48

Obviously I documented the adventure for you…

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As Seen…On Our Garibaldi Lake Trail Run/Hike

Last Sunday, Salomon West Van team members Gemma, James, and myself took our other (better?) half’s for a day trip trail adventure to Garibaldi Lake.


I’m not quite sure if the views were worth the hike up….

NOT!  It was the most beautiful day and Garibaldi Lake was as beautiful, if not more beautiful than Jay and I remembered!  Jay brought the AfriCam, so obviously we took a ton of pictures.  And I’ll give you the low-down on the trail because it’s a great day hike for locals and tourists, and really is worth the climb, which by the way is not a super tough climb.

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Ladies Trail Running Day – Diez Vistas

When Amber asked me to take her for a 3-4 hour technical run, on Canada Day weekend, the gears in my head started turning, thinking of places to run that had good climbs, views to make the climbs worthwhile, technical aspects, and accessibility.

While I pondered good places to take her, another idea started brewing in my head…this was a great opportunity to take some of my friends that are either brand new to trail running, or trail running newbies out for a fun group run.

I’ve blogged a few times about Diez Vistas being one of my all time favorite trail runs to do in the lower mainland, and given the wide variety of what this trail has to offer, I decided it would be perfect for this event.

2013-06-29 16.57.52

Spoiler : our first ever “Ladies Trail Running Day” went fantastic – it was the perfect day; gorgeous weather, great trails, no injuries, a solid run for everyone, and an ice bath and cupcakes at the end!

Having 3 bloggers in our group, obviously we documented the whole adventure, so click on in for all the pictures!

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Norvan Falls – Trail Running w/Amber

A few months ago, Amber messaged me to ask me to take her trail running at the end of June.  I didn’t have anything on my calendar for that weekend, so we tentatively booked it in.  As her training ramped up for Squamish50, Amber decided she needed to run on some more similar trails, and decided to head down for Seek the Peak as well in June.  If you remember, we ran on Friday evening, as well as on Saturday before the race, so she ended up heading back to Kamloops with an extra 30kms mileage on some tough trails.

As the weekend she was coming down neared closer, I started to brainstorm how to best show her similar to Squamish trails, get her a couple of solid hard training runs in, showcase some of my favorite trails and spots in greater Vancouver trail running, all without completely killing her.  (Squamish50 will be Amber’s first ultra!!)

I decided that the Norvan Falls loop would be a bit of a stretch for a Friday evening, but that we’d attempt it, and we’d park closer to cut off a bit of mileage, as well as have an “out” of running the easier, non-technical connector back to the parking lot if need be.

2013-06-28 22.42.13

Spoiler : we didn’t need the out, and knocked out a solid 15 km training run that had a gorgeous waterfall in the middle – talk about starting the long weekend off right!

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Saturday Adventure – Diez Vistas

One of my all time favorite trail runs to do, is the Diez Vistas loop!  It’s a pretty time consuming hike/run, as it’s out at Buntzen Lake, and take about 2.5 – 3 hours running, or 5-6 hours hiking, so we only get out there a few times a year.

On Saturday, I organized a group run around this loop, and we ended up having 9 people & 1 dog show up!


Last summer, I blogged about the Diez Vistas trail in turn by turn detail for anyone wanting to get out there and run/hike this great route, so I won’t do that again, but I will share some more pictures of our adventure.

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Sunday Funday – BCMC Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday night, we were at our first of three family Easter dinners, and I got a tweet that was very intriguing…


Source : James Marshall’s Instagram

This picture was posted with the caption of “Figure out the connection between these 2 pictures and you know where to be at 9am Sunday morning. Prizes/treats for every egg!”

For a local trail runner, this riddle is easy peasy.  I knew the answer, and I knew I had to go!  For someone that LOVES holidays, and Easter Egg Hunts in particular, this was really a no brainer!

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Sunday Funday – Squamish50 Orientation Run

After spending Saturday morning on the trails, and hearing that what seemed like everyone was heading out the next morning for the first orientation run that Squamish50 was hosting, I caved and decided I wanted in too.  FOMO is a real thing, damnit.  If you don’t know what FOMO is, then you probably don’t have it, lucky you!

The plan for the day, was the last 23 km of all of the routes – 23km, 50km, & 50mile.  I figured, worst case, I’d run solo for 3+ hours, and best case, I’d make new friends.  This was actually the main reason I wanted to go do this run.  I NEED more trail friends.  I have two 50km races on the calendar in INK, and a third in pencil, and I’m sure as heck not training alone!

I set my alarm for early, and was up and out the door relatively quick.  I only got a few hundred feet though, before I had to pull over and capture a shot of the sunrise.



Yep, I stopped and instagram’d that shot right there and then, before heading out on my drive to Squamish.  That view alone was worth my early wake up call.  Little did I know what else the day had in store for me…

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Sunday Funday – Grouse to Deep Cove – Half KneeKnacker

Some people spend their Sundays drinking with friends, going on random day party adventures that they call “Sunday Funday”.  This is doubly true when St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Sunday!  I’m a lover of adventures, but in my world, Sunday Funday involves less booze, more running, and a whole bunch of roots, rocks, mud, and sweat!  And maybe some 4 legged friends for company as well…

That’s exactly what my Sunday was composed of – a perfect symphony of glorious sunshine, a good friend, an awesome pup, and 25ish kms along the Baden Powell in North Vancouver.


Yep, that’s pretty much what our day looked like!

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38km, 3 bridges, 4 cities, & a jumper!

I tried really hard to come up with something cool to name this post, and nothing came out right.

On Saturday, Candice and I set out on an epic run, that lived up to and exceeded expectations!


It was quite the adventure if I do say so myself!

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