I Made the Yummiest Smoothie!!

I mentioned briefly that my wonderful husband bought me a Vitamix for Christmas, and I haven’t done a ton of stuff with it, but I love it.  It’s so powerful and easy to use.  My 2 favourite things to make are fresh salsa and smoothies.

Yesterday I discovered the yummiest smoothie I’ve ever had and I just had to share.


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Whole 30 – Halfway There

Here we are, day 15 is in the bag, and I’m officially halfway through my Whole 30.  I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m doing, especially since I had a crazy busy weekend of race directing the 5 Peaks Alice Lake race, and co-hosting my elementary school bestie’s bridal shower.  And we all know what kind of food you find at showers….

So, how’d I do? First, let’s take a moment to just check out this view.  This is at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola.  We took a quick ride up to the top on Saturday post race and were so impressed.  Definitely put it on the must-do list.


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Whole 30 – Week 1

It’s funny how the brain can play tricks on us, and we can forget how good we feel when we do something.  It’s like stretching, and foam rolling.  We know it’s good for us, but it takes time and effort, and it just plain hurts a lot of the time, so I don’t blame us for not doing it.

Same goes with our food habits.  To be healthy and to make the right choices takes time and energy.  If you’re eating on the go, or grabbing something last minute, it’s not likely going to be a) healthy or b) well balanced c) satisfying.  And when I say satisfying, I’m talking about big picture satisfying, not just tastes good satisfying.  I’m talking about that feeling you get after organizing your closet, or food prepping for the week.  That kind of “ahhhh” breathe out satisfaction.

Anyways, I’m satisfied right now.  In a great way.  And it just so happens to be the end of Day 8 of my Whole 30…

Oh and I’m not running still, but I did get out and on some trails briefly this weekend!


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So, I started a Whole 30…

Ever since I originally read It Starts With Food and did a full Whole 30 I’ve wanted to do it again.  But, with long distance running, I have never been able to keep it up, and get in the right amount of fuelling.

When I admitted I was injured and started brainstorming how to keep myself busy (and sane!) one of the first things that popped into my head was doing a Whole 30.

Not only is it ‘good’ timing with not running, and not traveling.  Yes, we’ve cancelled our Colorado/Utah road trip in June.  Wahhhhh.  But, it’s also something I think I need since I’ve really been struggling and stuck with my weight swaying between 163 & 171 lately.  It’s sad how fast my weight creeps back up when I’m not paying attention.

My favourite thing about Whole 30 is that reminds you of the good habits, and once you’re immersed in good habits, it’s wayyyyy harder to fall off the wagon.

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Recipe : Paleo Yam & Leek Soup

I picked up some leeks the other day, and I was contemplating making a leek soup.  I wasn’t sure where to go with it, but I decided to try something different, and I created a creamy yam & leek soup!  Of course, it’s paleo, and it’s super delicious!

2013-10-12 16.21.38Ah, doesn’t that just scream fall time??

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My Paleo Easter

It’s always tough during holidays to keep with a paleo meal, but thankfully, I have some very understanding family members, and that make things a lot easier.

We have a big family.  Well, Jay has 2 big sides to his family, whereas my family is actually really small.  This weekend, we had 1 dinner with his mom’s side, 1 dinner with his dad’s side, and 1 dinner with my family.  Yep, a lot of family dinners over 1 weekend!

So, how do I make sure that I am not starving or making bad choices?

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Recipe: Paleo Mushroom Soup

This was an accidental recipe.  I was making an onion & mushroom side dish, and when I covered it to cook, the amount of liquid produced was so great that I decided to go with it, and make it into a mushroom soup!


source – my Instagram

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Whole 30 Tips & Tricks

Now that I’ve completed my Whole 30, I want to share my best tips & tricks that I learned along the way, so that if this is something that interests you, you’ll have a bit of a head start!

I’ve had a lot of people say to me, that they think it’s great that I’m doing Whole 30, but that they don’t think they are “there yet” or “ready”.  To be honest, I know it’s scary to go against what we’ve been taught in school/growing up – lots of dairy product, and whole grains are great!  But, isn’t the scary factor worth it to figure out if you could be more awake, weigh less, have more energy, and potentially solve some health issues??  I don’t want to preach, but I do feel like doing Whole 30 will be a positive for absolutely anyone.  Even if, you barely notice any measurable results, you’re still going to gain knowledge from the book, and at the very least, be looking at your labels, and be more aware of what’s going into your mouth.  No matter what, that is a good thing.

Anyways, enough of my rant.  I think y’all should give it a try, but I’m not here to force my opinions on you.  If you want some tips, and tricks that worked for me – click on through!  If not, no hard feelings, promise.

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