Recipe : Paleo Yam & Leek Soup

I picked up some leeks the other day, and I was contemplating making a leek soup.  I wasn’t sure where to go with it, but I decided to try something different, and I created a creamy yam & leek soup!  Of course, it’s paleo, and it’s super delicious!

2013-10-12 16.21.38Ah, doesn’t that just scream fall time??

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My Paleo Easter

It’s always tough during holidays to keep with a paleo meal, but thankfully, I have some very understanding family members, and that make things a lot easier.

We have a big family.  Well, Jay has 2 big sides to his family, whereas my family is actually really small.  This weekend, we had 1 dinner with his mom’s side, 1 dinner with his dad’s side, and 1 dinner with my family.  Yep, a lot of family dinners over 1 weekend!

So, how do I make sure that I am not starving or making bad choices?

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Recipe: Paleo Mushroom Soup

This was an accidental recipe.  I was making an onion & mushroom side dish, and when I covered it to cook, the amount of liquid produced was so great that I decided to go with it, and make it into a mushroom soup!


source – my Instagram

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Week 1 of Whole 30


I started my Whole 30 journey on Tuesday January 29th, and the first week is now in the books.  I did fantastic, if I do say so myself.  I had no cheats, and quite honestly no problems.  Didn’t know I was doing a Whole 30?  I blogged about it here.  I’m experimenting with different recipes that satisfy both Jay and I, as well as figuring out portions so that we each have enough food for lunch.  And I’m definitely sticking with my motto for the month, to READ THE LABEL!

Wonder what I’ve been eating or some my best tips?

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Hawaiian Paleo Pulled Pork

As I mentioned yesterday, I made 2 solid new recipes on Saturday for our potluck dinner, the Bacon & Yam dish I blogged about yesterday, and a slow cooker pulled pork recipe.  I usually make another version of slow cooker pulled pork, but decided to switch it up.  This one is less smokey, more salty, and has the obvious addition of the oh-so-loved BACON!


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Bacon & Yam Paleo Potluck Dish

This weekend, we hosted a potluck dinner at our place for my birthday.  I asked my friends to try and bring paleo inspired dishes.  I feel like this helps make sure that we have a selection of healthier choices, and also that everyone doesn’t just bring desserts or store bought items.

I decided to make 2 dishes, a slow cooker pulled pork recipe, and a bacon & yam side dish.  Both turned out fantastic, and were all gone by the end of the evening!

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Recipe: Paleo Spinach, Prosciutto & Fig Salad

I realize that I don’t post enough of the super easy paleo recipes that I make on a regular basis, so in 2013, I will try to post 1 recipe or meal idea per week!

This week, it’s all about a simple, fresh, delicious salad & dressing…

I present to you, a spinach salad with prosciutto, figs, & pine nuts!


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