Helloooooo December

Crazzzzzzzy.  Last I remember I was settling into the new house at the beginning of October, getting ready to relax, spread out work, and “hibernate” a little bit.  And then all of a sudden, I’ve crossed off a bunch of bucket list runs, I’ve represented Lifestraw by Vestergaard on their Follow the Liters campaign in Kenya, I’ve hosted a house warming, I’ve gutted a condo – re-painting, cleaning, new carpeting, and listing it for sale, and all of a sudden, *POOF!* it’s the END of November.  What the heckkkkk.

In some ways I feel totally cheated and confused by where the time went.  In other ways I feel blessed beyond belief and like I’ve done and experienced so much in the last 2 months.  I haven’t quite fully comprehended and fully caught up.  I’ve caught up with important stuff, but some not so important things, have definitely fallen by the wayside.

But, I can’t dwell on the fact that the last 2 months have been a bit of a blur, a whirlwind of adventures and experiences.  Instead I have to focus, re-group, celebrate the last 2 months but also recognize that it’s now DECEMBER, the last month of 2015!


Picture from Adam Ciuk from our Lifestraw Adventure

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Silver Linings

Monday and Tuesday were bad yes.  Wednesday I forced myself out the door, had a super productive day, and capped it off with a coffee visit with one of my besties in the evening.  Exactly what I needed.  Yes, I would rather be catching up with her, as we chase each other up and down the mountains, but the friendship boost is still there, on or off the trails.

Thursday was another good day with another friendship boost from another bestie, this time coupled by some pool running.

And then I put my running shoes on Thursday late afternoon, and, drumroll please…

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Depression Monster

Man, when I hit rock bottom, I sure hit rock bottom.

My food/eating is ridiculously terrible.  My sleep is sub-par.  My motivation level to be productive is basically nil.  I’ve strugggggggled to get out of bed this week.  And then today, I argued with myself about getting groceries, and finally said fine, as long as I bought some kind of treat for myself.  Ice cream sandwiches.  Which I really don’t need or deserve.

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Deja Vu

I’m not sure I wrote about it in detail, last summer was SO busy, and I was so gutted to cancel everything we had to cancel (Colorado, Utah, Jasper, K3) but last year, end of June, I was faced with a very similar circumstance to right now.

Last year, I had to cancel my K3 stage race, but I still thought I could do the road trip to Jasper and Kananaskis Country.  I struggled and stressed and worried my little tush off, until I finally, at the last possible moment I had to say no, I just couldn’t go.  It broke my heart to let my friends down, and to not be able to participate to any degree.

And now, this year, I’m in pretty much the exact same position, and it sucks balls.

deja-vuHello, deja vu, I really really hate you.

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I can’t sleep.

It’s basically the middle of the night, and while I should be cozy in bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, I’m not.  And the funny thing is, I’m not stressed out, worried, or have any reason to not be sleeping.  I’m just not asleep.

So, I might as well tell you what’s up.  4 days in Portland, 48 hours at home, 7 days in Maui, and now thrown into a busy month of April.  A couple of events, a race that both Jay and I are running, it’s not exactly a slack month.

March was busy for sure, but also very rewarding.  April so far is pretty awesome.

Exhibit A:


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Sending Our Love to Murph

I think it’s almost as stressful to be a crew member or supporter, as it is to be the actual runner in a race.  I found this out this previous year, with not being able to race, and having to settle for being a head cheerleader or coach to my friends.  It’s edge of your seat exciting to be involved in the race in any way, but there’s so many unknowns that cause you to stress and fret.  Your racer doesn’t come through in the time range discussed your thoughts instantly go to “what’s wrong?” and “what if?”.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’m a passionate person and I get very engrossed in the race and racers.  My trail friends I consider extensions of my family, except I chose them, I wasn’t born into them.

One of my most random trail friendships is that with our local elite runner, Mike Murphy.  I cannot say enough nice things about how amazing of a person Mike is.  He intimidated the crap out of me when I first saw/met him, but it was surprisingly easy to fall into a comfortable rhythm of friendship with has grown over the past few years.

Murph is currently running The Coastal Challenge, a 6 Day, 230km humid as heck race in Costa Rica that covers running from all spectrums – road, beach, jungle, swamps, waterfalls, you name it, they’ve got some of it.


Above picture – Murph crushing the previous course record.

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Birthday Schmirthday.

Birthdays are supposed to be fun.  A celebration of your birth and another year on this planet, and looking back on the past year and looking forward to the next year.  The big ones, that mean something like 18 & 21 are always bigger celebrations, and the ten’s/0′s always carry the most pressure.  Oh snap you’re 40!  Or 50!  Or guess what??  30!  Yep, that’s a ten too, and that’s what birthday it is for me this weekend.

There’s tons of pressure around it because it is a big fat 0 number.  Pressure to do something “epic” to celebrate.  But the 0 isn’t getting me down, it’s the fact that I’m born in early January, and it really sucks.  I just was tagged in this article from my brother in law, and I relate to it all.  Nobody wants to do anything fun in January, anything that costs money, or requires effort and planning.  I get it, I don’t want to do much in January either, but instead of it just being like a “whatever”, instead it’s just depressing.

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Thank You Body.

I’ll be honest.  When I started the Beast Streak I didn’t actually expect to complete it.  I wanted, no, I needed something to grasp, to help me find structure, and to bring me back to myself.  I knew that it would help get me out the door, and into a routine.  But, I never, seriously never expected to make it through the month.

Doesn’t quite make sense to set a goal you’re not expecting to achieve, does it?

photo 1-33

Well I guess you can’t say I’m boring or predictable!  Just like these crazy girls I ran with this morning.

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Why I love my friends

I was going to post about my run today, and how I ran solo (with Nikita) on the trails, and how weird it was, but then tonight happened.  I had some running friends over for a holiday party, and somehow we got to chatting about bridesmaids dresses and running in them, and of course this evolved into an actual plan.  Since my 30th birthday is coming up in just 2 short weeks, we’ve decided that this will be my first 30 birthday run, prom dress style!


And that is exactly why I love my friends.  I didn’t want to do another run like last year’s birthday run that almost killed me.  30kms is just too much for me right now.  So, making it a short (5-10kms) run, with lots of ridiculous fun and photo opps, well that’s just about perfect.

Watch out on the trails January 10th, when our ridiculous takes over the trails.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever run in?  For me, it was probably my unicorn outfit this Halloween, or my birthday cake outfit at Blerch.