I Miss Blogging!

Holy crap!  I knew I hadn’t “blogged much lately” but I didn’t realize that I actually hadn’t sat down and wrote for over a month.  That’s ridiculous.  And unacceptable.  I have excuses, of course I do.  And I have so much to say, but of course the problem is, where do I start??

My go-to in this sort of situation is a bullet point what’s happening, which is great for catching up, but not great for actually sitting down and typing and letting my heart do the talking.  So, I think I’ll do one of my other favourite kinds of posts.  The verbal diarrhea, get as much out there as possible posts.

So, if you’re lucky for a post of any substance, you should keep on surfing.  If you just feel like having a coffee and reading about me, well then, this is the post for you.

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When Doing the ‘Right’ Thing Feels SO Wrong.

First things first, I’ve been a super crappy blogger.  Part of it is the fact that I’ve been super busy, and part of it is that I’m out of the blogging groove, and when you lose your writing routine, it’s the same as losing your running or healthy eating routine.  It doesn’t come easily, you have to work at it, and it’s not second nature any longer.  You really have to make the effort to make it happen.  And I just haven’t been making that effort.  So, I do apologize for that.  I do love blogging, so I have to make an effort to fit it in.

I love the catching up posts for when I haven’t been posting much, but tonight I just kind of want to babble a bit.  So, if you’re not really into listening (reading) me just get my thoughts out, and not realllllllllly talk about anything, well then, you should probably just stop reading now.

Last Saturday we had an amazing day on the trails.  We started at Horseshoe Bay, did the first quarter of the KneeKnacker, and then we kept going up, up, up to St. Mark’s Summit.  We hit sunshine, rain, clouds, fog, snow, it was a bit of an everything day.  But, it was a perfect day…except for one tiny issue heading up the boulder field below Eagle Bluffs.  I tripped forwards and not really sure how I fell but I jammed my right foot big toe into a boulder, and ripped the front of my right calf sleeve.  Ow.

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I can’t sleep.

It’s basically the middle of the night, and while I should be cozy in bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, I’m not.  And the funny thing is, I’m not stressed out, worried, or have any reason to not be sleeping.  I’m just not asleep.

So, I might as well tell you what’s up.  4 days in Portland, 48 hours at home, 7 days in Maui, and now thrown into a busy month of April.  A couple of events, a race that both Jay and I are running, it’s not exactly a slack month.

March was busy for sure, but also very rewarding.  April so far is pretty awesome.

Exhibit A:


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Guest Post – Candice & “The Road to Boston”

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that when I started running, and started running marathons, I never ever thought that I could run fast enough to qualify for Boston.  It was an unattainable dream for me.  And then you’ll remember that I ran my third marathon in a 3:35:51 on a VERY hard course.  And you’ll remember that I learned the hard way that marathon courses are always long, and even though you have a buffer, when a race measures 42.66, you’re going to be over the time cutoffs.  A 22 minute PR, and yet, a bittersweet and tearful end to the race.  A dream that I never thought was attainable, magically (through hard work and dedication to training) then ripped out of my hands in the last 5 minutes.  It was a tough spring for me,  and my body just can’t handle road marathons the way some people (like Candice) can.

This post isn’t about my journey, because although I was close, there’s no close in Boston.  You either qualify, or you don’t.  And even if you do qualify, you’re not guaranteed to get to actually go and race.  This post is about how Candice, who I am so blessed to have randomly met through Twitter a few years back, not only qualified for Boston last spring, but took a big bite out of her PR, and killed the Run For Water Marathon.

Some might think I’d be bitter over as close friend qualifying right in front of me.  But, surprisingly, all I felt that day was extremely proud, and happy for my friend.  I knew Candice had trained hard, I knew she had pushed herself out of her perceived limits, and I knew she deserved her time.  Yes, tears came to my eyes as I saw her come through the finishing chute, but they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears, if it couldn’t be me, she’s the next best thing.  And I can’t wait to cheer her on and support her from afar on April 18th.

So, here’s her post, on her “Road to Boston”.

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Tu-Tu Tuesday

Just a random Tuesday, and I’m way overdue for posting, so here I am.

I don’t feel like being a big typy-mc-typer-son, so let’s bullet form it.

  • Thursday we head to Portland for the Gorge Waterfalls 100K
  • Shea & Melissa are running the 100K, their first.
  • Jay & I are pacing them.  Likely from the 64K mark on.
  • I’m thinking I’ll pack a tu-tu for Jay to wear.  (Hence the name of this blog post)
  • I think a tu-tu will help cheer up Shea at 64K.
  • Maybe I should pack one for Shea to wear too…
  • So, Saturday they run, for like 14 hours.
  • And then Sunday we drive home, for like 6 hours.
  • Monday/Tuesday I work like a nutjob.
  • Because Tuesday evening, we fly to HAWAII!

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Coffee Break!

One of my favourite type of posts is the “if we were having coffee right now…” posts.  It’s an easy way for me to not have to write a full post about 1 thing, and be in line with my ADD tendencies when it comes to writing these days.  I get so easily distracted and pulled away from what I’m doing.  I feel like it happens at least 20 times a day.  I guess that’s a life and problems of a social media/event planner.

So, let’s have a coffee and chat…

2015-03-12 21.30.14

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March Madness!

Whooops.  I knew I was busy and not blogging much, but I didn’t realize my last post was in February, and now here we are on March 10th…crap!

So, what’s up?  I’m back running, and running quite a bit.  Thus far in March, I’ve run 77kms!  Considering I finished off February with 150kms, this is pretty darn rad to see the progress, clear as day on my calendar.

2015-03-01 11.27.24-1

I’m also ridiculously busy with my work life.  And so much of my work life is spent on a computer, or on my phone, that it’s really hard to sit down and spend more time in front of a screen, even if it is for something I love like blogging.  It makes me sad to miss my writing time though, so I need to schedule it in and make sure it’s included in my life.

Let’s talk about why my life has been so busy, shall we?

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Friday Catch Up

Busy week, so my Lord Hill race recap is a bit late.

But, that’s ok because this week has been filled with awesomeness.

Monday I was sore and resting, and not like sore in a bad injury way, but sore in like a ‘I just raced way’.  Working on contracts from home, probably should have gone in the sauna, but sometimes I don’t quite think straight.  I did however do lots of stretching and rolling tennis balls into my hips and glutes.

Tuesday was a super busy day at the office, and I almost bailed on spin class since I was tired and still sore, but, I didn’t.  And you know what, it’s rare that you regret workouts, and even though my legs were not moving too fast, I was glad I went, I definitely didn’t regret the workout.

Wednesday my legs thanked me for the spin loosening them up, and I spent the day with some Canadian Olympians.  I briefly mentioned before that I’m going to be working with Fast and Female in 2015, and I spent the day planning our long awaited Vancouver summit, coming to the Richmond Oval on April 12th.

2015-02-25 14.49.01If you have girl aged 8-18 in the Vancouver area, I would definitely consider this event for them.  It’s all about empowering girls to be strong and athletic and stay involved in sports.  Girls drop out of sports 6X more often than boys during their teens, and that’s really sad.  The summit will be information and activities focused on keeping girls in sports and why they quit – the pillars are based on social belonging, mentorship, and physical literacy.  The best part?  You get to spend the day hanging out with Canadian Olympians, and there really isn’t much more inspiring then that.  I’m really excited to be working with this great not for profit movement.

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These Hips Don’t Lie

After posting on Saturday how nervous and scared I was for Sunday, I ended up getting a really great sleep.  Well, as great as can be, with a 4:45am wakeup call.  Ewwww.

I’m going to write a full race recap, when my photographer is done editing the “extremely unflattering, and wish I could burn them all, and probably would if 4 of my friends weren’t in 90% of them with me” photos from yesterday.  Note to self: it is much much easier to ignore how chunky monkey you are becoming when someone isn’t following you around and taking photos of you while running.  Also easier to hide in winter layers, and with the almost summer weather we’re having in the PNW, that’s not happening. 

Anyways, I do mean it that I’ll write a full recap, but I just wanted to do a quick check in, especially since I left you with such a “omg why is she even running tomorrow?!” post on Saturday.


But, you were wrong to worry.  I fully remembered why I fell in love with trail running yesterday.  The people, the scenery, the atmosphere, and the pure bliss that it brings me, even when it hurts to keep moving.

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