Spring Flings or Forever Loves?

It’s officially SPRING! The sun has been shining the last few days in Squamish, and it’s inspired me to put together a list of my current favourites.  I’ve got new shoes, a new jacket, a new necklace, and some other great new things that I’m loving this spring.


Hint – 2 of my faves are featured in this photo…

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Runner’s Gift Guide – Part 2

Last week I posted my Gift Guide for Runners, and as much as I love all the items on that list, I missed some other things that I love and use all the time!  So, I thought I’d share the ones I forgot about…

photo 3

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2015…so far…

The most common question I’m hearing nowadays among my runner friends is some version of what’s up for 2015?  Whether they’re asking about goal races, running trips, fun races/events, everyone is starting to think about their calendar.  It’s always hard to choose what to do, what to miss, and what’s most important.

I’m still not 100%, but I do feel like I’m on the way to being healed and running strongly.  So, in that positive thought process, I have registered for a few races.  Not too many, but here’s what’s on the calendar, thus far.  Bold means registered, italic means I’m working it, and regular font means I’m thinking about it.

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Runner’s Gift Guide

Every blogger and their dog is doing a Christmas gift guide for runner’s, and you know I appreciate them all, because everyone has a different opinion and different likes, and there’s SO many products on the market, it’s hard to try everything, so we have to rely on the opinions and thoughts of others.

And let’s be honest, runners are HARD to buy for, because we all have really weird things that we like or don’t like.  We’re picky and something that seems like a great idea to a non-runner makes no sense to an actual runner, or vice versa.  I would recommend to not buy a runner clothes, and to NEVER buy a runner shoes, unless you know that they always wear the same style and size.  Often running brands change their shoes on us too, so you could think you’re buying the right pair, but they aren’t.  I stuck to little things, stocking stuffers, or slightly bigger, but nothing that will break the bank.  Although if you DO want to break the bank and really spoil someone, my #1 choice is an Ambit 2R or 3 watch!


Anyways, here’s MY list of my favourites, recommendations, and even a few discount codes for you!

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Phone Dump, aka What I’m Thankful For

When I think about what I want to blog about, I know that so much, really too much has happened to tell you everything.  So, I decided to do a phone dump, and share the past few months in pictures with you instead.

There’s a little bit of everything in here, but it makes me smile just to look at all these great pics and remember all the fun times I’ve had recently.


MomBridge BeastSelfie BakerBridge BeastModeBuffBaker BeastModeBuffLana JayPhotog BakerRoadtrip BonfireBaker KelsJenRunning BeastBuffSelfie MurphCX WeddingSelfie BeatTheBlerch1  BeatTheBlerchDrink BeatTheBlerchJump GoKartSelfie TheoSelfie PNESelfie WhistlerBiking MelLanaDrink WhistlerChairSelfie ScottJurekSelfie WrestlerSelfie MurphQuest SUPSelfie GelatoSelfie SeatoSummitSelfie Sq50Aid1 Sq50DuckSelfie NikiLanaSelfie 5PeaksSelfie Sq50Tutu Sq50QuestCostumes NikiUnderwater Oct12LanaRunning TheoNoodleG ThanksgivingRun Thanksgivingrun1 thanksgivingrunLana beastonesie NikitaBumblebee GrouseSunset NoodleNightRun NoodleBridge

Lots of fun and ridiculous times.

What does my phone dump of pictures tell you about me?



A Day in the Life of a Race Director

I typed in the title of this post, and I expected it to be super easy to write, come flowing out of me, and just be one of those meant to be written posts.

And then nope.  Nothing came out.  I guess I’m a bit torn of how open and honest to be on here.  I’ve always prided myself on how open and honest my blog is, but when it comes to a professional relationship, I’m a bit confused with exactly how much to say.  When I first took on this job, I blogged about my experience at my first event, a Yeti snowshoe race, and while it felt so good to write about it, I was questioned on mentioning that some ladies were rude to me.  I still agree with what I said, and how I said it, but I’m sensitive to the fact that written words don’t always come across the way we’d like, and I don’t want to put myself in a position that could be taken the wrong way.

That being said, I’d still love to show some insight into what goes into the backside, the behind the scenes of a trail race, and why things happen the way they do, why things sometimes don’t go as smoothly as we’d like, and why sometimes things just go horribly wrong.


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Momma & Poppa Beast Take on Cypress 5 Peaks

Hi guys, it’s Momma Beast here (Solana’s mom).  Poppa Beast and I are finally back in town, and ready to run some trails.  We unfortunately missed the first two 5 Peaks races of the year due to traveling, so we definitely wanted to be able to run the Cypress race in July.

We were a bit nervous about running at Cypress Mountain, as we had never run there before and we’ve only ever done 1 trail race for Richard and 2 trail races for me, in fact, we are pretty new to running period, and we are still very new to the sport that Solana and her friends love so much.  Fortunately, Solana had decided to host 2 free orientation runs for the new Cypress courses, and we were able to attend both.

I should mention here that Richard and I are seniors, and very proud that we are running seniors!  I am 66 and Richard is 70, and we both start running only about 3 years ago, so it’s never too late to start.


We chose the Sport course for this race, as our conditioning has dropped off quite a bit from traveling and we were told it was the perfect beginner trail runner course, with mostly nicely groomed trails, beautiful views, and a bit of elevation, but not too much.

Here’s how our experiences at the orientation runs went, and why we’d recommend that anyone and everyone can and SHOULD register and run the 5 Peaks Cypress Sport course.

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Fond Memories of Mt. Seymour

I’ve mentioned many times that before I took on the 5 Peaks Race Director job, I ran the races myself, and always tried to make all 5 over the season.  2-3 years ago (I think) they moved the June race away from Seymour, and it was at Burnaby Mountain and Alice Lake after that.  The one thing about June at Seymour was that there was still snow, and the bugs were insane, so I don’t blame them for moving it, but I do have 3 very distinct memories of the course there, 1 good and 1 bad., and 1 funny…

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Just a few more days of CRAZY

Gosh, I feel like the worst blogger in the world, I promised I’d blog once my new laptop came, and it’s here (and beautiful!), but I just haven’t had any free time at all.  And when I have had free time, I’ve been relaxing on the couch with my friend, the TV.  And really, when you’re crazy busy, those times of snuggling up on the couch with good bad reality TV, and a couple of pups is so important to give your mind and body a break.  So, I’m glad I’m taking that time, but also really feeling bad about neglecting this part of my life, especially since it’s such a wonderful and positive outlet for me.

Anyways, let’s do a quick catch up.  Ready?

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The Murph Run – Not for the Faint of Heart

Last year after running the Golden Ears 5 Peaks race, I was waiting for friends to finish and struck up a conversation with Mike Murphy, who had just slaughtered his competition in the Enduro course, winning by a 2.5 minute margin!  We had known each other from afar, but a year ago our friendship was officially born.

2014-01-31-11.59.58 I look up to Murph for many reasons, and my favourite thing about him, has to be how humble, down to earth, and relatable he is to chat with about running and racing.  He may be winning the race, but he still wants to hear about your race even if you’re almost double his time (KneeKnacker 2013 Mike was 4:42:32 (masters course record), while I was 7:31:50). Over the past year, I’ve found Murph to be a great support for my running, and someone who I can always discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of a race with.  He’s not afraid to tell me when I’m being dumb in my training, or encourage me to step it up a bit.  I’m super thankful to have taken a leap to start chatting with him last year. Another example of just how awesome he is, is that he’s offered to put on a free orientation run this Saturday at Golden Ears focusing on the gruelling parts of this course, most specifically the killer uphill climb of the Incline Trail (aptly named) and the technical downhill of the Eric Dunning Trail.  Not exactly a beginner friendly orientation, but a crazy awesome opportunity to not only run with, but learn some of the tricks and tactics of one of Vancouver’s premier trail runners. More deets? Continue reading