As Seen In MY City – Snowshoeing at Grouse Mtn

I cannot believe that I neglected to post these pics!  A few weekends ago, Sean, Hilary, myself and Jay, headed up to Grouse Mountain to do a little snowshoeing.  Hilary, Sean, and I have memberships to Grouse (that we use for the Grouse Grind), and so our Gondola up & down was free!  Jay doesn’t have a pass, but being a nice wifey, I paid for him to join us.  When going with someone with a pass, you get 50% off, so his Gondola trips cost $22 total.

We did the Snowshoe Grind which was more challenging than I expected – lots of steep climbs, and then we got a little lost on our way down.  We snowshoe’d for a couple of hours, and it was great fun, but my calves were killing me!!  Oh, and the views were kinda nice…


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