Guest Post – Candice & “The Road to Boston”

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that when I started running, and started running marathons, I never ever thought that I could run fast enough to qualify for Boston.  It was an unattainable dream for me.  And then you’ll remember that I ran my third marathon in a 3:35:51 on a VERY hard course.  And you’ll remember that I learned the hard way that marathon courses are always long, and even though you have a buffer, when a race measures 42.66, you’re going to be over the time cutoffs.  A 22 minute PR, and yet, a bittersweet and tearful end to the race.  A dream that I never thought was attainable, magically (through hard work and dedication to training) then ripped out of my hands in the last 5 minutes.  It was a tough spring for me,  and my body just can’t handle road marathons the way some people (like Candice) can.

This post isn’t about my journey, because although I was close, there’s no close in Boston.  You either qualify, or you don’t.  And even if you do qualify, you’re not guaranteed to get to actually go and race.  This post is about how Candice, who I am so blessed to have randomly met through Twitter a few years back, not only qualified for Boston last spring, but took a big bite out of her PR, and killed the Run For Water Marathon.

Some might think I’d be bitter over as close friend qualifying right in front of me.  But, surprisingly, all I felt that day was extremely proud, and happy for my friend.  I knew Candice had trained hard, I knew she had pushed herself out of her perceived limits, and I knew she deserved her time.  Yes, tears came to my eyes as I saw her come through the finishing chute, but they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears, if it couldn’t be me, she’s the next best thing.  And I can’t wait to cheer her on and support her from afar on April 18th.

So, here’s her post, on her “Road to Boston”.

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Back with my Bestie Bart

So, Nikki has been asking me to come to the track with her for a while now, and unfortunately, we don’t live that close together (about a 30 min drive) and she has 2 little rug rats, so finding the time that works for both of us is tough.  Since I’m doing all the Yeti & 5 Peaks stuff now, I’m trying to take advantage of my flexible office hours and do some daytime runs when I have the opportunity.

Before I knew it, I was agreeing to a morning track workout with Nikki today.

Track?  Ugh. I haven’t been on a track since the November beaststreak, and like I talked about Monday, I’ve been in a rut and not exactly running this month…

But, we all know how much I love my bestie Bart’s Yasso workouts, and seeing Nikki is always a plus in my world, so off I headed to the track…EEP!

2014-01-21 11.48.38

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BMO Vancouver Marathon – DNF – Partial Race Recap

Sigh, it would be really easy to ignore my 7th race of the year.  But, that’s not why I started this blog, and I have never ignored the negatives to focus on the positives.  Our running journeys are made up of good times and bad times, and we need to accept and embrace them all.

Besides, running a local marathon means that you’re connected to so many others out there, and that was definitely the case for me.  I can feel sad for myself, but I can’t ignore all of my friends and family that were out in there in the sun, doing what they love (or hate?)  Congrats to everyone who ran on Sunday, and to everyone who finished a tough race!


Spoiler alert :  I did not finish.  I mentally pulled out around 15 kms, and actually left the course around 26.5 kms.  Since I didn’t finish, does it still count as a race? 

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Whidbey Island Marathon – Race Recap

My 6th race of 2013 was my goal road race for the year.  A road marathon, that was going to blow my post recent marathon PR out of the water (BMO Vancouver 2012 – 3:57:47).  I have grown so much as a runner, especially in the past year, and I planned on proving that on the road on Sunday.


Spoiler alert :  I beyond proved myself.  I took 22 minutes off of my marathon PR, crossing the finish line in 3:35:51. 

The full recap is long.  It was an incredible racing experience, that for me, was all about lessons, and learning about myself.  I feel as though I learned more in the 3 and a half hours I spent running on Sunday, then I’ve learned in the past few years of living.  Marathons are not easy, they require so much focus, training, motivation, and desire that they can drain a runner completely by the time we cross the finish line – emotionally, physically, and mentally, we are empty.

On Sunday, I was left more emotional, and drained than after any other race in my past.

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