Month(s) of December & January – Training Recap(s)

I missed doing December recap, so this will be a joint December/January recap!

Total Road KMs :  Dec : 175.25 kms  Jan : 200 kms

Total Trail KMs : 0 kms – I tend to switch to roads for the spring, & head back to trails after I run my spring road marathon.

Total KMs : 375.35 kms over December & January

Hours running :  40 something…

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 5 hrs approx – December sucked for any sort of cross-training!

# of Grinds : 0 – CLOSED

How’s my month(s) been? 

BUSY!  Vegas, Christmas stuff, Mexico, New Years, Birthday, Marathon training started, etc etc etc.

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Weekly Training Recap – August 27 – Sept 2 – Week 9!

This week’s training:  (Monday August 27th – Sunday September 2nd)

Ninth week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Month of July Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up July’s training, see where I got with my July goals, see what I’ve got in store for August… Continue reading

Nothing tastes better than success!

I’ve got so many posts that I want to get up on my blog!!  I want to recap July’s training, I want to tell you about meeting and getting to run alongside and chat with Ellie Greenwood, I want to review ‘Unbreakable’ a movie about the 2010 Western States 100 Mile Ultra, and I want to tell you about my winter marathon plans!  AHHH…so much to write about!!!

But right now, I have something more important to talk about!

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Best Way to Bust out of a Rut?

Have a kick-ass awesome bounce back day! 

Which is exactly what I did yesterday!  I rocked out a double workout day, along with a great day of food.  This is a killer combo for me having a great day and feeling a lot better about where I’m at.

This is what I did :

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Month of June Training Recap

Ooops…since I didn’t have a “goal race” I was training for, I didn’t do my weekly training logs, and now here we are at the start of July, and I’ll have to recap the whole month of June!

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Some Bushtits at the Goddess Run

Just a few photos that I stole from the Sporty Jewels facebook page of some of our Burnaby Bushtits members running the first ever Goddess Run in Victoria on June 3rd.  I would have been there, if I didn’t have a good friend’s wedding to attend that weekend!

Don’t these ladies look lovely?  Each finisher received a “Goddess” necklace specially designed by Denise of Sporty Jewels, that I am so jealous of!!  Great swag for this race, including this one of a kind necklace, and really really nice souvenir clothing (love love love the shirts!)

Definitely on the bucket list for next year!

PS – Click here to check out all of the great sport inspired jewelry that Sporty Jewels has to offer, and remember, reward yourself!! 



It’s official, we’re a famjam of RUNNERS!

If you’ve read my “Running Story“, you know that I began running when I was 20, and over the last 7 yrs I have progressed from running 10 km races to running marathons, and have also gotten much faster, much lighter, and all around a much better runner.  This is due to weight loss, proper training, and plain hard work.

What you might not know, is that I’ve somehow tricked my whole family into becoming runners…

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Crappy Food = Crappy Run

Yesterday, as ya’ll know was *inter* National Running Day (technically it’s an American thing, so we’ll add the *inter* to include us Canucks)

And it was Wednesday, and Wed evenings are Run Club night, and in the spring/summer we do 5 km tempo runs at Burnaby Lake.  So, it being Wednesday AND Running day, of course I was going!

The only problem….I had a terrible day of eating (for me).

And this in turn equaled a terrible run (for me).

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