Rainfall Warning…Stupid Vancouver

Ahhhhhh I love Vancouver so much, but sometimes it really pisses me off.  Mentally I know that we need the rain to feed the rainforests where I love to run, but emotionally, I just hate running in the rain.  I posted this picture to my instagram yesterday, with a caption about hating running in the rain, and it started quite the conversation and controversy of running in the rain.  It appears that most people love it, or hate it.  And I guess I’m in the wrong camp for living in Vancouver.

photo 5-14

Anddddd the weather forecasts calls for a rainfall warning this week, so this week is probably going to suck and be really hard for the #beaststreak.  Sighhhhh.

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Lost & Found: Runner’s High

Guys, a crazy thing happened tonight.  Jen C and I decided to do a quick loop around Burnaby Lake instead of heading to the North Shore trails.  I consider Burnaby Lake to be road running but a bit squishier and with nicer views.  It’s a little slice of heaven in the middle of Burnaby, and even though you can hear the freeway traffic, it’s a beautiful 10K loop.

photo 2-4

If I had to choose between North Shore trails and Burnaby Lake, it wouldn’t be an even fight, but there’s definitely something enticing about only having a 5 minute drive each way.

I’d be lying if I said I was confident going into the run.  I wrote yesterday that I was acknowledging my lack of fitness level, and I fully expected to crash and burn a few kms in.  I’ve barely run on roads, and trail running is just different, so very different than road running.  I’ve been thinking that easing back into trail running is the answer to my comeback, but I actually think I was wrong.

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MEC Burnaby Lake – 10km Race – Race Recap

My 5th race of 2013, was the MEC Vancouver race#2, that was held at Burnaby Lake.  With a $15 price tag, and the race location being just down the road, at one of my fave places to run, registering was a no brainer.  It was also a great way to do 1 last quality speed workout while keeping my mileage in super low taper zone.  It’s fitting, that the weekend we introduce the blog’s new name and logo, that I ran a race that was truly the definition of Beast Mode.


Spoiler alert :  I RAN A NEW 10KM PR!!! Totally unexpected, given the timing, the course, and the fact that I was just doing a speed workout, but, the truth is, the Beast Mode switch got flipped, and I couldn’t help myself!

Check out my full recap & Jay’s pictures…

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Tempo Run, 10 K Race = same thing, right?

Weekend before a marathon is a tough one, you’re right in the middle of taper, yet you need to get in 1 last run, that’s not super short, but not super long, and you don’t want to go super slow, or super fast, you don’t want to kill your body, but you also don’t want your body to get lazy sitting around for 2 weeks.  You want to go into the race confident, but you also don’t want to hurt anything so close to the race.

It’s a bit confusing, right?  In the past, I’ve done between 10 & 18 kms at a relatively easy pace the week before my goal race.  It’s worked ok, I think.  This year, with becoming faster, and doing more speed work, I’m changing up my last workout as well.  There’s a $15 10KM MEC race, happening just a few blocks from my house, around Burnaby Lake.  Not a super speedy course due to the terrain (soft squishy trails, with lots of windy curves), but since it’s a race, it will still be a fast tempo run for me.

For me, it makes sense.  Races don’t stress me out, they excite me.  It’s close by, it’s cheap, and it’s a way of making sure I keep my mileage super low.  Chances on injury are low as well, especially since I’m running on a nice groomed path, instead of twisting an ankle on a root by going trail running the weekend before my goal race.  For me, it’s a smart choice.

No goals for timing tomorrow.  As long as we’re at marathon race pace or lower, I’m happy.  Just a nice solid strong run to finish off this cycle.

It’s not too late to register – day of registration is $20 – still cheap cheap!



Month(s) of December & January – Training Recap(s)

I missed doing December recap, so this will be a joint December/January recap!

Total Road KMs :  Dec : 175.25 kms  Jan : 200 kms

Total Trail KMs : 0 kms – I tend to switch to roads for the spring, & head back to trails after I run my spring road marathon.

Total KMs : 375.35 kms over December & January

Hours running :  40 something…

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 5 hrs approx – December sucked for any sort of cross-training!

# of Grinds : 0 – CLOSED

How’s my month(s) been? 

BUSY!  Vegas, Christmas stuff, Mexico, New Years, Birthday, Marathon training started, etc etc etc.

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Weekly Training Recap – Sept 24 – 30 – Taper & Race Week!

This week’s training:  (Monday September 24th – Sunday September 30th)

LAST week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Mom’s Review of her 12 week Half Marathon Training

Before running in her first ever half marathon on Sunday September 30th, I asked Mom to do a re-cap/review of her 12 week training program :

Take it away Momma,

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Weekly Training Recap – Sept 17 – 23 – Week 12

This week’s training:  (Monday September 17th – Sunday September 23rd)

Twelfth week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Weekly Training Recap – Sept 10 – 16 – Week 11

This week’s training:  (Monday September 10th – Sunday September 16th)

Eleventh week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Mom’s Weekly Training Recap – Aug 27 – Sept 2 – Week 9

Mom’s 9th week of half marathon training :

(Monday August 27th – Sunday Sunday Sept 2nd)

Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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