Guest Post – Candice & “The Road to Boston”

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that when I started running, and started running marathons, I never ever thought that I could run fast enough to qualify for Boston.  It was an unattainable dream for me.  And then you’ll remember that I ran my third marathon in a 3:35:51 on a VERY hard course.  And you’ll remember that I learned the hard way that marathon courses are always long, and even though you have a buffer, when a race measures 42.66, you’re going to be over the time cutoffs.  A 22 minute PR, and yet, a bittersweet and tearful end to the race.  A dream that I never thought was attainable, magically (through hard work and dedication to training) then ripped out of my hands in the last 5 minutes.  It was a tough spring for me,  and my body just can’t handle road marathons the way some people (like Candice) can.

This post isn’t about my journey, because although I was close, there’s no close in Boston.  You either qualify, or you don’t.  And even if you do qualify, you’re not guaranteed to get to actually go and race.  This post is about how Candice, who I am so blessed to have randomly met through Twitter a few years back, not only qualified for Boston last spring, but took a big bite out of her PR, and killed the Run For Water Marathon.

Some might think I’d be bitter over as close friend qualifying right in front of me.  But, surprisingly, all I felt that day was extremely proud, and happy for my friend.  I knew Candice had trained hard, I knew she had pushed herself out of her perceived limits, and I knew she deserved her time.  Yes, tears came to my eyes as I saw her come through the finishing chute, but they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears, if it couldn’t be me, she’s the next best thing.  And I can’t wait to cheer her on and support her from afar on April 18th.

So, here’s her post, on her “Road to Boston”.

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Guest Post – Candice Runs 50 Miles

Last year, I ran The North Face San Fran 50Miler in December, and this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to go back (can you blame me with the year I had of injuries?) but Shea & Melissa wanted redemption on the race and convinced Candice to join them.  The funny story of Candice is that just a few short years ago (1.5 years to be really exact) Candice thought trail running was not her thing. Candice thought that it was much too adventurous and hardcore, and she’d much rather run a road marathon than a trail 50K, thank you very much.  

It’s been a real treat for me to see a friend who never thought trails were for her grow to not only love them, but really come into her own through adventures and ultramarathons.  It really is true that the mountains and the woods get inside of us and change who we thought we were.  It’s been a pleasure to see just how much Candice has grown.  Although I wasn’t there to see her cross the finish line, I was stalking the results and cheering loud for her, and all of my friends down in San Fran this year.

And now I’ll let Candice tell you about her journey to completing her first 50Miler.



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Baker Lake – Team FOMO Style

Last week I introduced you to Team FOMO, and now it’s time to hear how the girls of Team FOMO did at the Baker Lake Party!

1379636_10153305044500313_1628569714_nFrom left to right – Candice, Katy, Nikki, Dianna, Hilary, & Me

I asked all of the girls to provide a short description of how their race went, and what they thought of the course.  Here’s what came back to me :

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Introducing…Team FOMO – Baker Lake Party

You may have noticed a trend in the ladies I chose to spotlight from the 5Peaks Ladies of the Trails, in that most of them are members of what we fondly refer to as Team FOMO.

What is FOMO you may ask?  It’s the “Fear Of Missing Out”.  While you may think you don’t have a case of FOMO, it’s likely that you’ve experienced it.  All your friends going to a concert but you don’t love the act?  But, you pony up and go anyways, because everyone is going.  Ya, that’s FOMO.  Don’t really feel like grabbing a post-run coffee, but everybody else is going?  You’re likely to jump in your car and go too.


Now that you know what FOMO is, let me tell you about how Team FOMO was created.

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Candice!

Another great weekday Ladies run, and another wonderful lady to be featured on the blog.  I decided that next to be featured would be Candice, who I met kind of through mutual friends, and kind of through twitter while we were both training for road marathons last winter.  We discovered that we get along famously, and run the exact same pace on roads while training.  We just seem to fall into a perfect rhythm together.  Ever since we met, I was determined to get Candice on the trails, and this summer, I succeeded!  Not only has she been out running regularly on the trails, but she ran her first trail race at Squamish50 running the 23km course, and is signed up for her first ultra October 6, as part of the Baker Lake Party!

Our group on Tuesday :


So, let’s find out how Candice got into running…

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