Cap Crusher 13K 2014 – Race Recap

Coast Mountain Trail Series – Cap Crusher – March 23, 2014

It seems like it’s kind of the theme for 2014 to run races, but not actually race them.  In a way, it’s a bit sad considering I do love that pushing yourself, racing, competitive feeling.  I just have been struggling with injuries and issues, and haven’t been up to racing condition.  Why run a race then?  Because races are about so much more than actually racing.  They are about the community, they are about seeing friends, supporting friends, being outside, and most of all just being active, getting a solid run in.

I’ll be honest, I was 100% going to drop from the 13K to the 8K on Sunday morning, but Dave wouldn’t let me, and to be honest, Dave and I have run so many trying training runs that I knew it was going to be fine, just another training run, disguised as a race.

I don’t have too much to say about the race, as it was short for a race for me, but Jay was out taking pictures, and it was the perfect spring day to go for a run!


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Long Weekend Love – Saturday Surprises!

So yesterday I told you about my Friday of the long weekend, so today it’s all about Saturday.

Saturday was FULL of surprises, and not all the good kind!

In the morning, Jay and I along with Shannon & Joel (local 5Peaks runners), modeled some of the 5Peaks merchandise that is going to be for sale coming up soon.  The photographer was the amazing Rob Shaer, and we had a blast during the shoot!  The only thing missing was coffee and donuts…

2013-08-03 19.00.40

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Cap Crusher – short & sweet

This morning I had the pleasure of running the inaugural event, the “Cap Crusher” put on by the Coast Mountain Trail Series, the newest trail race company in our area.  This was the first in a 4 races series for 2013.  I’ll have a full race recap up soon, but in the meantime, here’s the cliff notes! 

  • $35 trail race in North Vancouver, start/finish at Cleveland Dam
  • 8 km & 13 km course options
  • Both very challenging courses with lots of elevation gain, and tons of stairs!
  • Super fun race with tons of the local Vancouver trail runner peeps, including superstars Adam Campbell, and MYM50 winner from last year, Mike Murphy.
  • An excellent first time event, I can’t wait to see how this race, and the series as a whole grows!
  • Rob was out photog’ing and he had an awesome spot – I can’t wait to see his pics!
  • My wonderful crew, my husband Jay, came with me and popped up twice during the race – it was great to see him, and of course I love pictures!
  • For the first 30 mins my feet were numb and asleep – I’ve never had this happen during a race, and it was super weird trying to run and feeling like I had wooden boards on my feet.  SO odd.
  • I overall felt strong the entire race, I just ran a good (for me) pace, and just enjoyed myself.
  • The next race of the series is April 13th, Survival of the Fittest in Squamish.  I won’t be there – April 14th is Whidbey Island Marathon – sad to miss, but looks like fun for everyone who can make it!
  • I had one more point, and I have NO IDEA what it was, so I’m just gonna hit post.  Hopefully it comes back to me for the full recap post…

No Official Stats YET : I was somewhere around 1:25-1:26.

Full recap to come!