Grouse Grind is OPEN!

In case you missed the announcement last week, the Grouse Mountain Grind is now open for the season!!

Mom, Hilary, Cathy, and myself headed up on Monday after work, and we had a great grind.


The 1st grind of the season, is always tough, so we decided to take it a bit easy, and have what we call a “Grind&Chat” meaning that we go at a steady speed, but a speed at which we can talk as we climb.  This is a great way to ease yourself back into the grind, instead of trying to kill yourself first time out.

I also took the time to snap a couple shots along the way.  Since normally I can barely breathe, it was refreshing to take our time, and be able to take some photo’s to document the trail for those of my readers outside of Vancouver.

Click on in to see my photos…

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Lost & Found : Beast Mode on the Grind

Last night, Terri and I headed to the Grind, and on the way there, we saw sunshine, clouds, sprinkling rain, and pouring rain.  As we parked in the half empty lot, the rain was coming down hard, and we definitely second guessed ourselves.

This was our view out the front windshield :


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Mom’s Review of her 12 week Half Marathon Training

Before running in her first ever half marathon on Sunday September 30th, I asked Mom to do a re-cap/review of her 12 week training program :

Take it away Momma,

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Month of July Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up July’s training, see where I got with my July goals, see what I’ve got in store for August… Continue reading

My 12 Week “not so traditional” Half Marathon Training Program

Mother Daughter half marathon will be happening on Sept 30/12 at the Surrey International Music Marathon.

Recently, I posted Mom’s 12 week training program for completing her very first half marathon, you can view it here.

It’s now time to show you MY program.

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Month of June Training Recap

Ooops…since I didn’t have a “goal race” I was training for, I didn’t do my weekly training logs, and now here we are at the start of July, and I’ll have to recap the whole month of June!

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Is it ok to climb down the Grind?

So…for everyone questioning whether going down the Grind is ok?

Let’s let Grouse Mountain tell us…

This is located right at the beginning of the trail, and is a HUGE sign that cannot be missed.  So please respect your fellow hikers, and Grouse Mountain’s rules for everyone’s sake and don’t travel down the Grind unless you absolutely have to.



Month of May Training Recap

I can’t believe May is *almost* over!!  I didn’t do my weekly training logs, this month was relatively low in the training aspect, I focused on recovering from the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6th before getting back into HC workouts.

So, I decided to give a month long recap instead…

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The most important Grinding tip…and I missed it!!

I realized that I actually forgot to include the most important grinding tip of all, and felt like it needed it’s own post – it’s that important!!

I got lots of feedback on my last post, to add in info on safety; carrying a whistle & phone for this reason, as well as lots of people commenting on the value of the Grind Timer, which for $20 keeps track of your times, and provides you with a bag check service, so that you can send a bag of clean dry clothes to the top.

But surprisingly, nobody mentioned what I missed…Any guesses??

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