2014 Vancouver First Half – My non-race recap

After posting Saturday night about the fact that I am just not a road runner anymore, I still found myself at the start line of the Vancouver First Half on Sunday morning.

I’m not going to write a race report, because it wasn’t a race for me.  I committed to pacing Nikki, and seeing if we could squeeze out a sub 2 for her, despite her recent splash of back luck screwing with her training the past few weeks.  We had no clue how her race would go, how her body would respond to racing, and I wanted to be by her side to help her no matter what happened.  Originally we had wanted to have a sub-2 team, with some other friends aiming for that elusive sub 2, but we didn’t want to put any extra pressure on Nik, so I just said I’d stay by her side no matter what.

Silly me, I had some really dumb thoughts going into this, including, but not limited to : a) that since it wasn’t the speed I can run, that it would be relatively easy b) that 10 and 1′s would be no big deal c) that my foot/ankle would hold up because of the slower pace d) that pacing someone is easy.

I was wrong.  I had a rough morning, and while it was great fun to run a race side by side with a good friend, I never ever should’ve run.  It was stupid and now I’m paying for my stupid decision.

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2014 Race Schedule

I’m still working on everything I’ve got planned for 2014, but I’m looking forward to some fun new and old races, and my calendar is definitely filling up with SO many great races locally.

I know I’ll be adding more fun events to 2014, but here’s the basics that are can’t miss and already penciled in, or even registered!  Races in BOLD are for sures, everything else is tentative.

I’m not racing at all in January, I like taking most of December/January off to relax, and give my body a rest from all the racing I like to do during the rest of the year.

Sunday February 2nd – Icebreaker 8K – super enjoyed this one last year with Nikki.  And sounds like myself, Nikki, and Cath are going to be running it this year.  Great little local race if anyone wants to join us??

Sunday February 16th – Vancouver First Half – a Vancouver road running staple, and I know tons of people running it!  I’m going for a fast road half PR on this one!  Let’s wait and see how January speed training goes before announcing a goal!

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Guest Post – Chloe Jr runs the Vancouver Historic Half

As a special treat while I’m off in San Fran, I asked some friends to guest post for me, and Chloe Jr, happened to have run her second half marathon, at the Vancouver Historic Half on November 24th, so perfect timing to have her come and write for you!

Since I have 2 running Chloe’s in my life, I dubbed them Jr & Sr.  Sr is a trail running extravaganza who I first met at MYM 2012, and has been a favorite to see out on the trails since then.  Jr is a road runner that I met in a Sun Run clinic, through my road running club, and she’s a bit younger, less seasoned of a runner, but she runs with her heart, and definitely has a beast within her.  Jr has been training for her second half marathon, and I’ve been helping her out with her training schedule, and she’s also been coming out to tons of Ladies of the Trails events, and I think has fallen a bit in love with trail running!

Anyways, I’ll hand over my blog to her now for her to tell you the story of her 2nd ever road half marathon!

“On Sunday, November 24th, I ran my second half marathon – the Vancouver Historic Half. Although I had no expectations of what my body would do that day, I ended up blowing my first half marathon time out of the water!

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Lake Padden Trail Half 2013 – Race Recap

My 20th race of the year, was my second running of the Lake Padden Trail Half in Bellingham, WA.

One of my favorite races from 2012, I knew I had to go back and run it in 2013.  But, my body hasn’t gotten the memo either year, that this is a fun race to run!  It has revolted both years, and unfortunately, I’ve had to drag my ass around Lake Padden 2 years in a row.  Sigh.  At least I had a great time with my friends!


Anyways, the full recap, including photo’s from my wonderful husband and crew is now ready for you…

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On a scale of 1-10, How Crazy Are YOU?

Recently there’s been lots of talk of “crazy” in regards to the number of races, the number of km’s run, the number of consecutive days run, the hours spent training, just about any quantity based measure of running.

What I think is crazy, you may find to be normal, and what I think is normal, someone else may find crazy.  It all comes down to having your own level, what’s crazy to you.

Personally, my crazy tolerance level just keeps going higher and higher.  What I thought crazy just a year ago, is normal now, and what I thought impossible a year ago, is a goal to accomplish in the next 6 months.

There is no real reason to this post, and I kind of feel like I’m re-stating the obvious, but really, everyone needs to not compare their crazy to someone else’s crazy, because it’s unique to yourself, and I’m a prime example of crazy levels changing.

Let’s look back, shall we??

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Surrey International Music Marathon – Blogger Ambassador

Last year, I was lucky enough to be included as a Blogger Ambassador for the inaugural 2012 Surrey International Music Marathon where both mom and I ran the half marathon.  This race holds a very special place for me for multiple reasons :

  • it was the first half marathon I’ve ever run solely for fun, without any time pressures or stresses, and I absolutely loved the race, and came out with a great time, a PR at the time!
  • it was my mom’s first ever half marathon!  And she killlllled it!
  • it was the race where I met Nikki in person, which started our twitter to real life friendship

Other than these personal reasons, the race itself was very convenient via skytrain for my family, my Dad was able to run the 5km race, and overall it was a great event.  The crowd support lining the streets was surprising and very uplifting and inspiring for me.

Recently, I was asked to come back for a 2nd year of the event, and I wasn’t sure if the race really fit into my calendar.

So, what’d I say?

Yes, of course!  Even though I’ll be running mainly on trails this summer, this event was so much fun last year, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be involved again.

I’ll be running the half again this year, and if you’re looking for a local half or full marathon at the end of September, keep this in mind!  All information on registering can be found here.

The reason I’m telling you this now, so far in advance, is that the marathon is actually holding a kick off to summer event tomorrow morning which includes free fitness classes, free breakfast, an appearance from Trever Linden, AND registration discounts for participants!!


All the details for tomorrow can be found here.

If you’re interested, you can read mine and mom’s race recaps from last year.

Is anyone else running the Surrey International Music Marathon in 2013??  Thinking about it??



Guest Post – Momma’s Race Recap of the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2013

So, apparently it is time for another GUEST BLOG from Momma (that’s me)!  This past Sunday, I ran my first ever BMO Half Marathon in Vancouver! LOVED the course, you can’t beat our beautiful city when the sun shines.

I had registered for BMO quite a while ago while I was enjoying the beaches in Mexico as I felt I needed some motivation to keep me active while on extended vacay plus I thought it would be a good course for my second ever half Marathon.


SPOILER ALERT! I finished in 1:56:23, that is a new PR for me (by 1:39) and I was 1st out of 63 in my AG so I won GOLD in my 1st ever BMO race!!!

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Month of April – Training Recap

Hello, MAY!  April was a weird month, since it was comprised of taper, a marathon, recovery, and then a 2nd taper.  My mileage was super low due to all this, but regardless, it was a good month overall.

Total Road KMs : 132 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~24.5 kms

Total KMs this month : 156.5 kms

Total KM’s this year : 903.5 kms

Hours running :  16 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 10 hours including 2 Bikram Yoga sessions

# of Grinds : 0 – CLOSED

How’s my month been?

Gooooood.  Hard to say great when it doesn’t feel like I’ve done very much this month due to spending so much time tapering and recovering.

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Month of March – Training Recap

I honestly feel like I JUST wrote my February recap.  Even with March being a longer month, it absolutely flew by, and it’s crazy to me that it’s now April.  INSANE.

Total Road KMs : 242 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~104 kms

Total KMs this month : 346 kms

Total KM’s this year : 747 kms

Hours running :  37 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 7 hours including 1 BCMC grind & 1 yoga sesh

# of Grinds : 0 – CLOSED but once up the BCMC!

How’s my month been?

Great!  Another solid month, my highest monthly mileage, EVER, and my strongest training month to date.

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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Review

For the past 6 months I’ve been on the hunt for a new running sports bra.  I’m a rather large chested individual, and am not a huge fan of sports bras that look/feel like real bras, or that have clips and snaps and whatnot.  It’s been an interesting search, I thought I found a great bra, and a few months later found out that my new best friend of a bra, was really a fre-nemy!  So, I went on the search again..

But this time, I’ve found a real best friend bra!


Introducing the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, let me tell you about it!


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