If you go into the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today was the Hallow’s Eve Trail Race in Lower Seymour today and I’m not up to racing yet, and we’ve volunteered so much this year, that we decided that we wanted to not have any stress on whether we made it out of bed or not.  A few days ago we said wouldn’t it be fun to have a scare station on course and prank our friends and random runners during their race, but we only had fun costumes, but needed something scary.  In between meetings yesterday I ended up at a costume/sewing store, and found 2 masks for us.  After we had the masks, it was time to make a plan.  We went back and forth on our ideas and decided on a later start with hitting both the half marathoners & marathoners towards the end of their race.

Masks purchased, plan made, time to go out in the woods!

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Guest Post – Melissa Runs Hallow’s Eve Marathon

A couple weeks ago, the Hallow’s Eve race occurred and while I decided to rest my feet/arches, Melissa took on the newest distance, a trail marathon.  There was only about 25 starters in this distance, but quite a few of them were people I knew, and I knew lots of people running the half and the 10k.  To avoid having major FOMO, I decided to volunteer, and convinced Dianna to join me!  Anyways, I asked Melissa to write a guest post on the trail marathon, and here it is :

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very quick trigger finger for signing up for races. Normally I’ll read the first sentence of a race review and I’ve already hit the Register button. This was not the case for Hallow’s eve Marathon. I hummed and hawed about this race for awhile leaving the sign up until just a few days prior. This year, Mountain Madness/Run the Northshore offered the full marathon distance along with the half and 10k. As I’m training for a 50miler I knew it was probably smart to sign up for the full… but it still scared the crap out of me as I have never ran a trail marathon before and the few trail half and 25km races I’ve ran have kicked my butt!  So I registered but I never read through the course description or elevation profile…what you don’t know can’t scare you! (I don’t recommend doing this!).

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Month of October – Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up October’s training/races, find out how my month was, and take a peak at what’s on tap for November

Total Road KMs :  62.5 kms

Total Trail KMs : 108 kms approx

Hours running :   20 hrs approx

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 4 hrs approx

# of Grinds : 3

How’s my month been? 

It’s very hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s NOVEMBER already, but October was a really amazing month, especially since it included a 10km PR, and my first ultra marathon!

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Hallow’s Eve Trail Half Marathon – Race Recap

On Sunday morning, it was time for yet another race!  Shocker…

This time was a favorite fall trail race, on the North Shore, called Hallow’s Eve.  As I’ve run the 10km route 3 times previously, and with graduating to the longer distances this year, it felt only natural to take on the half marathon course.  I easily recruited Katy and Cathy to run it with me.

The short version :

A super technical and challenging course, this race offers a bit of everything, and is a blast to run in the fall, when the trails are wet, the mud and puddles are deep, and there’s virtually no way to stay dry and clean!

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 2:25:27, which was good enough for 17th female out of 43, and 4/9 in my age group, and 54th out of 106 overall finishers.

Now, for those of you who want to read the extended version, here it is :

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Hallow’s Eve – short & sweet

I’ll get to the official race recap soon, but for now, a little mini recap of today’s race :

  • Hallow’s Eve is a super fun, well organized, reasonably priced fall trail race! There are 2 options for distance – 10km & half marathon
  • This race was supposed to be Katy, Cathy, and I running the half marathon route
  • Katy had to drop the race due to injury, but still was at the start to complete our costume – we were a Canadian flag!
  • Cathy woke up sick yesterday, and felt even worse this am, so she dropped from the Half Marathon to the 10km.  She still had a great time of 1:04:53 and was 10/31 females 30-39, and 38th overall out of 94 overall participants!  Way to go Sicky!
  • This race has tons of sections of super technicality, and tons of inclines/declines
  • Much, much, much hillier than last weekend’s Lake Padden Trail Half
  • It pissed rain all yesterday, but was dry during the race
  • There was tons of mud, and puddles out there, and it was awesome fun!
  • Maybe half of the racers ran in costume, which brings such a fun element to a race!
  • My personal race, was much better than last weekend’s, so my recovery week partially worked, but my body is still feeling a bit off, and I have to admit that I’m probably just not fully recovered from Baker Lake.  It was my first ultra, and I did push it, so I have to expect the recovery time.  However, today’s race was better than Lake Padden, so I feel like I’m on the right path!  Beast mode was not in full affect today, but there was glimpses of it along the way! Good enough for me!

My Official Stats : 2:25:27 – 4/9 females 20-29, 17/43 females, 54th overall out of 106 finishers!

Full recap to come!




Month of September – Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up September’s training/races, see where I got with my monthly goals, see what’s on tap for October

Total Road KMs :  97 kms

Total Trail KMs : 110 kms approx

Hours running :   21 hrs approx

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 4 hrs approx

# of Grinds : 3

How’s my month been? 

Wow, it has been an incredible, jam-packed month.  It’s hard to believe it’s October already, but even harder to believe just how much I did in September.

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