Honey Wagon Run – Half Marathon – Race Recap

My 3rd race of 2013, was a tough, tough race, but the results were worth it!!

The short version : Nikki and I headed across the border on Saturday morning, for the most in-expensive ($15!!) half marathon we’ve ever paid for!  It was the windiest race I’ve ever run, and those conditions made it really tough to keep pace.


Spoiler alert : Nikki and I had opposite race results, with me running strong and achieving my 1:45 goal, and her unfortunately having to take her first DNF due to an irritated injury.  I finished in 1:44:43 officially.

Of course, I’ve written the long version below for all of you who like the nitty gritty details!

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Run for the Honeywagon Half – short & sweet

On Saturday, I headed out for my “redemption” half, after failing to hit my 1:45 time goal in February.

SPOILER – I ran SUB 1:45!!!!!!! 


source : Nikki’s instagram

  • $15 race in the farmland of Everson, just outside of Bellingham, WA
  • Almost completely flat race, on country roads (all paved), not blocked off from traffic
  • Low key, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, 150 runners in the half
  • Windiest race I’ve EVER run.  Definitely felt like I was getting blown away for majority of the race.
  • Jessica ran a strong race, finishing in 1:51:45, Nikki unfortunately had her first DNF.
  • Kim, aka Hotel Kim, came out to support, along with trusty sidekick, Chauncey!
  • This was a TOUGH RACE, due to the wind factor.  There was many times during the race where I felt like I was moving backwards, and could not hear my full bore music due to the roar of the wind.  It was crazy!!
  • I stayed positive, stayed focused, and managed to come in under my time goal!
  • I PR’d by 2:16 from my last PR 3 weeks earlier at First Half.
  • I KNEW I had this in me, and probably have even more inside of me, since the wind was a factor in this race.  Feels really great to perform how I knew I could.
  • Full recap to come with all the details, and lots of pictures – Nikki was our photog for the day.

My Official Stats : 1:44:43 – 13/85 females, 4/24 females 19-29, 41st overall out of 149 finishers!

Full recap to come!




1:45 Redemption

As you’ll remember, a few weeks ago, I ran the Vancouver First Half, and put out my lofty goal of hitting 1:45.  I know I have a 1:45 inside of me, but unfortunately this race unraveled for me, and I did not hit my goal.  Side stitch/cramp/burning pain under my rib, whatever you want to call it, it got me.  I did run a PR of 1:46:59, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

So, me being the competitive race junkie I am, signed up for another half.  I felt like the lack of Whole30 approved fuel was a bit part of the equation, so I registered for a half marathon right after finishing my Whole30.  This way, I could have a gel without feeling any guilt.

Turns out, that half is this Saturday just across the line – the Run for the Honeywagon - which apparently is a truck used for collecting/emptying porta-potties.  BARF.  I’m ignoring what Google tells me, and pretending the race is named after a local bee farm, and the Honeywagon is where they collect all their honey!

Once again, I’m putting it out there.  1:45 or bust.  It’s go time!!