My 5 Step Program

So, my last post was mentioning how I had a couple of friends who were jumping to conclusions about them possibly being broken after I got my X-Ray results, and how I thought that was a bit silly and jumping to conclusions.  I feel like an ass wipe because the very next day, Candice got her X-Ray results, and against all odds, she has a fracture in her back too.  WTF!!!  Different kinds of breaks and injuries, but really, what are the chances?

We’ve decided to start a club.  Broken back besties.  Only half kidding, as this is so ridiculous and it’s almost so unbelievable that you have to laugh.  The odds are so against this happening to both of us, at the same time, for 2 totally different freak accidents.  If I’m honest, I still can’t totally grasp the situation, as it is soooooooo random and weird.

The only part of me that has totally grasped this concept is my emotional eating brain.  Effffff.  Things have not been good the past little while and I definitely feel like a hippopotamus.

So, I’ve got myself a 5 step plan to fix this…

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The Death of Me, I mean Nutella.

I have a confession to make to you.  I discovered some Nutella in my cupboard, and recently I’ve been eating it, out of the jar, with a knife.  It’s been about a week of this….the first bite is so delicious and tempting, and then with each excessive bite or lick, I start to feel sick and over-Nutella’d.  It’s been an addiction this week, and I fully understand how people just sit on the couch and eat, eat, eat until they are sick and double their starting weight.  I totallllllllllly get it, and I fully admit I’ve been in a bit of a slump or a rut lately.

It’s so hard to be motivated to eat right and fuel your body when your body is barely performing.  But, that’s part of my problem…I’m starting to get back into exercising and running, but if I’m not fueling properly, well then, I’m just an idiot.  That’s the worst kind of self sabotaging I can imagine.

This afternoon on a bit of a whim, Melissa and I ended up climbing the Grind.  Great right?  Not so great when you left your lunch at home, scarfed some of it down mid-changing, 3 hours after you should’ve been eating, and then thinking you’re being brilliant, grab the Nutella jar and a knife for the drive.

Smart?  Oh no, SO dumb.

Especially when this is in your recent future…

photo 2-3

From my Instagram.

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Phone Dump, aka What I’m Thankful For

When I think about what I want to blog about, I know that so much, really too much has happened to tell you everything.  So, I decided to do a phone dump, and share the past few months in pictures with you instead.

There’s a little bit of everything in here, but it makes me smile just to look at all these great pics and remember all the fun times I’ve had recently.


MomBridge BeastSelfie BakerBridge BeastModeBuffBaker BeastModeBuffLana JayPhotog BakerRoadtrip BonfireBaker KelsJenRunning BeastBuffSelfie MurphCX WeddingSelfie BeatTheBlerch1  BeatTheBlerchDrink BeatTheBlerchJump GoKartSelfie TheoSelfie PNESelfie WhistlerBiking MelLanaDrink WhistlerChairSelfie ScottJurekSelfie WrestlerSelfie MurphQuest SUPSelfie GelatoSelfie SeatoSummitSelfie Sq50Aid1 Sq50DuckSelfie NikiLanaSelfie 5PeaksSelfie Sq50Tutu Sq50QuestCostumes NikiUnderwater Oct12LanaRunning TheoNoodleG ThanksgivingRun Thanksgivingrun1 thanksgivingrunLana beastonesie NikitaBumblebee GrouseSunset NoodleNightRun NoodleBridge

Lots of fun and ridiculous times.

What does my phone dump of pictures tell you about me?




If you’ve been reading my blog since last summer you know that one of my favourite workouts of all time is the Grouse Grind.  Commonly known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” the Grind is a just under 3K climb up a mountain in North Vancouver.  It’s been updated over the years and it’s mostly stairs now, and if you’re able to make yourself uncomfortable, you can get into a great rhythm and push it, and it truly is a workout that is unlike anything else I’ve done.

Lots of people don’t enjoy the crowds and the amount of stairs, but I love challenging myself against my previous times, and chipping away at my fastest times, and most of all, I enjoy passing people.   I consider everyone that I pass on the way up as a “kill” and I keep count.  Yep, I love that extra competition that I can tap into during a workout.  Call me a weirdo, but it’s something about the Grind that I just enjoy so much.

And then the view at the top, well that’s always rewarding, and whether you’re running down the mountain on the BCMC or taking the gondola down, it’s always satisfying to know that you climbed all that ways up, on your own 2 legs.

Always satisfying, and usually for me, it’s something I’m proud of.  You noticed that usually didn’t you?  I did the Grind on Thursday and the feeling I felt during and after wasn’t empowering, strong, or anything positive.  It was embarrassment.

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Someone is avoiding blogging.  I told you before that I didn’t want to be a non-stop party pooper, all Debbie Downer, all the time.  And I still don’t want to do that, but I also have to recognize that I built this blog because I enjoy being able to bare my soul, work through frustrations, and that it’s my own little piece of the world where I can be open and honest all the time.

That being said, this is not going to be a happy fluffy piece.  So, feel free to skip this one, and check back soon to see if there’s been any improvements to my injuries and if I’m back to feeling fulfilled, back to normal, or just plain back to being happy.

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Goodbye July

I don’t have to look at my basically empty July calendar to know that this month was not a good month for me.  June 30th I rolled my ankle, as I was just getting back to testing out running, on my 2nd run as a matter of fact, and now here we are, it’s July 31st, and the entire month of July went down the tube.  It’s been dedicated to resting, recovering, and let’s be honest, sitting on my ass and doing nothing fun.

Womp, womp.

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Weekend Update

Well, I survived a crazy busy insane weekend!  I’m tired today, a bit sleep deprived, but overall, I’m good, solid, and honestly not any worse for wear, which can definitely happen after a weekend like this one!

Friday the bridal party got together for dinner, drinks, and a chill pre-wedding evening.  Alla apparently didn’t get the memo that she was getting married, and sipped on wine until the wee hours of the morning.  I lasted until a respectable 12:45am before I begged off to go sleep in my own bed.  With the KneeKnacker starting at 6am, I figured I could get to the aid stn at Cypress for Mike’s arrival around 7:15-7:20 and stay for Candice around 8-8:20 and see everyone in between them before having to rush back to get my hair & makeup done at just after 9am.  Tighhhhhhhhht timing, right?

Well, makes it even worse that Friday night we had discussed not having to have clean hair, and then finding out Saturday morning that I needed it to be clean.  Shiiiiiiiit.

But, spoiler, it all worked out, and it was the perfect day!  Congrats again to Mr & Mrs Noullett!


Here’s how the day went, from ultra cheering to wedding party…

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Sunday Thoughts

To be honest, I’ve been passing time with this newest ankle injury in a really boring way.  I canceled our road trip with S&M to Calgary, and have basically been a slothlike creature for the last 6 days.  I can’t drive, so I haven’t left my house without my mom or Jay as an escort (aka chauffeur) and I’ve been spending far too much time either in bed or on my couch.

It’s hard to move around right now, and I’m trying to rest my ankle as much as possible and stay off of it, without also screwing up my already injured left foot by putting too much weight and pressure on it (ie crutching around on 1 leg = bad idea).

And I wish I had exciting things to blog about, but I just don’t.  People tell me they’re proud of me, and that I’m handling all of this quite well, but somehow when I’m missing so much fun and spending so much time solo with my Kindle, TV, or MacBook, somehow I don’t feel good about myself, at all.

But, I also don’t want you worrying about me, since that what happens when bloggers stop blogging and seem to fall off a cliff.  So, here’s a nice pointless blog post, I call it my Sunday Thoughts…

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Well, that sucks.

Run #1 on Saturday with Cathy and Nicky went really well.  We got slightly lost, and went a bit over the prescribed time, but my foot felt great, and both C & N did amazing!  It was hard to believe that Cath had a 13 week at home and that it was Nicky’s first ever trail run.  I was soooooo over the moon.

I rested Sunday as per order’s and arranged for another, slightly longer run on Monday with Jen M.


It started off great, and continued to be great for 11 kms.  And then, we’re on the home stretch, running along Varley trail, down some stairs, and all of a sudden, I’m in a crumpled heap, and my right ankle is screaming out in pain.  For those keeping track, my LEFT foot/ankle is the bad foot.  Eff.

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I need a break…

From Social Media today.

SIGH.  I’ve been handling my month (so far) off of running really well.  Or so I thought, until today.  Aw man, today sucked balls.

It’s the first day I haven’t been swamped with busyness, and I just about lost it.  There was quite a few things happening in the running world – Scotiabank Half, Squamish50 Orientation 37K/47K, KneeKnacker 3/4 run, etc.  And it was a stunning gorgeous day up in the mountains.

But down here at home, I was all alone, and throwing myself a pity party.

When I first decided to not run for a month, I figured I’d be good for 2 weeks and then I’d get sad, but I’d work my way through it.  Surprisingly, I actually was decent and okay for longer than the 2 weeks.  I got to 4 weeks without any major breakdowns.

But then this week happened.

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