Sunday Funday – Afternoon Forest Frolic

On Sunday afternoon Jay and I headed out with Ryland, Kylee, and Jay (yes, another Jay who’s real name is just Jay!) for a random trail adventure.  Because Kylee was gigging we had a later start than usual, and while at first I was meh about it, it was really nice to sleep in, have a cup of coffee, catch up on emails, and then head out on the trails.  And the biggest bonus was, it was super fogged in and grey in the am, while the afternoon was sunny and gorgeous!  It was a beautiful blissful January day, and it really was a perfect run.

2014-01-19 14.02.53

There’s nothing better than friends, sunshine, dogs, and trails.  Nothing.  The day was stunning, and we took a lot of photos, so this is just a photo dump of Sunday’s run, oh and a bit of a brag as to the amazing trails I live near!!  Haha

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New Year, New Trail

On New Years Day it seemed like EVERYBODY was going running, and while Jay and I were invited to do many different runs, we enjoy our sleep, especially after drinking.  So, we left the alarm clock off, and decided to just see where the day took us.

Spoiler:  We ended up here.

2014-01-01 16.02.30But how?  And where exactly is that?

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5 Peaks Ugly Sweater Holiday Trail Run Reminders

Ok, we’ve only got 2 more sleeps until we close out the trail running season with the running party of the year!  I’ve compiled a point form list of everything you need to know/bring/do:

  • UGLY SWEATER!  You need one of these.  If you can’t find one that’s festive enough, or ugly enough, pro tip : use an old sweater, or a cheapie from V V Boutique, and go to the dollar store, and add actual decorations to the sweater.  You don’t even need to be crafty to literally hang ornaments off yourself!
  • $20 Cash.  This is your admission fee!!  You will receive with this you run, a fun Christmas themed marked course, refreshments, a souvenir, some samples, and TONS of potential to win prizing!  **kids under 5 are free **
  • Christmas Baking – totally optional, but there is a competition, and all you need to do is bring your baking to enter.  Participants will vote, and the winning baked goods will receive an entry to a 5 Peaks race of their choice for 2014 (or Yeti race!)
  • Outerwear for the Homeless.  We are collecting jackets, coats, scarves, toques, gloves, etc – anything warm that you’d like to donate.
  • Your friends, family, co-workers!  This is an event for one and all!  You can come ANYTIME between 8-12, and run or walk, as many or as few laps as you want.  1 loop is approximately 4K. 
  • If you’re driving, you’re parking at the lot at the very end of Lilloet Road with all the speedbumps.  If you are taking transit, you are going to End of the Line Cafe (Lynn Valley Road & Dempsey) and walking 1K to the Learning Lodge/Gazebo.
  • Warm change of clothes – Bring a jacket at the very minimum, but it’s always handy to have some dry clothes so that you have the option of hanging around, socializing and not freezing your buns off.
  • Your Holiday Cheer!  I’m so excited to see new and old friends, and provide an opportunity that allows everyone to be involved, be social, be a part of the amazing trail running community that we have here in Vancouver.
  • Your Smile!  The one and only amazing photographer for 5 Peaks in BC, Rob Shaer is going to be at the event on Saturday, and capturing our ugliness in photos!  YES!
  • By the way, for those wondering, the course has been set, and we’re part on the closed Seymour Valley Trailway road before going into the Circuit 8 trail for some nice rocky rooty muddy fun!
  • Last but not least….I cannot stress this enough – I am GIVING AWAY one Season’s Pass for ALL 5 of the 5 Peaks 2014 races.  You MUST be registered for a Season’s Pass to be in the draw.  ALL registered runners who attend Saturday’s run will be entered in the draw.  This prize is worth over $200, and the odds are VERY GOOD to win!  If you plan on running 3 or more of the races for next year, the best value is to purchase your pass now, plus you receive one of the 500 limited custom 5 Peaks 2014 tech shirts.  Registration is happening now here!

Hope to see everyone out there on Saturday!



5 Peaks Ugly Sweater Holiday Trail Run

The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family, and also a time for acting a little goofy!  The Ugly Sweater Party has been a favorite of many, and this year, I’m pleased to be hosting the very first Ugly Sweater Trail Run! 

5Peaks - Ugly Sweater

Intrigued??  You better be!  All the details inside this post…

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Cathy!

You may have been wondering when I’d get around to spotlighting Cathy, and you may have even been wondering why Cath hasn’t been doing a ton of running with me lately.

Well, I’ve been strategically (and patiently) waiting for the right time to tell you, that Cathy and Mark are pregnant!!!  Eeeeeek!

Cathy and Mark at the end of the Enduro course at 5Peaks Buntzen Lake 2013:


Yes, Cathy is trail running while preggo!  Amazing!  So, let’s take a step back and find out how Cath became a runner in the first place.

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Jen C

When I first announced the Ladies Runs, it was pretty late on a Sunday, the weekend before Whistler 5Peaks race.  I wanted to have all my ducks in a row before announcing it, but we wanted to launch it before the Whistler race, and be able to offer a special ladies last minute discount.  The first Tuesday, I had 2 of my friends – Dianna & Chloe Jr coming, but I had no clue if anyone else would show up.

A girl from Twitter, Jen, who had run one 5Peaks race at Alice Lake earlier in the year, and had no trail friends, was the first random to come out, and she definitely made my night by showing up, and ever since then she’s been a constant attendee of our nights, and I’m happy to call her a friend!

The first Ladies Night – a small but mighty group (Jen’s in blue!)


I had to get through all of the girls of Team FOMO to be able to properly introduce them to you before the Baker Lake Party, and I neglected to introduce you to some wonderful women I’ve met through the formation of this group.  So, let’s tell you about Jen!

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Solana

Team FOMO turns the spotlight on…Solana!!


So given that Solana has done such an awesome job of profiling Team FOMO over the past little while, we decided that it was high time we hijacked her blog and did a spotlight on her!!

Solana has definitely been our biggest cheerleader and a HUGE supporter during our many hours out on the trails, a purveyor of catchy team names, and she is absolutely the reason that most of us girls are running an ultra-marathon on Saturday to begin with. The rest of the reason is well, FOMO. (If you don’t know what the heck is with this acronym we keep throwing around,  you’re missing out…).

So without further ado, here’s a couple thoughts from the ladies.

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Katy

Katy, Katy, Katy!  Where do I even begin??

I’ve actually known Katy for a number of years, we played Ringette together 10+ years ago, and have kept in touch since.  When I stopped playing Ringette and was more focused on running, I harassed Katy to come run with me, and it took a couple years of texting, but she finally started joining me, and now she’s game to try anything.  I’ll suggest a race or a run to her, she’ll ask me if I think she can do it, I answer honestly, and then she goes out and kills it.

Katy finishing Seek the Peak looking strong and confident :


She’s much stronger than she thinks, and most importantly, she has a positive attitude and is willing to put herself out there and try new things.  She’s an asset to our Ladies group, showing us that you can pick up running at any point, that just a little effort goes a long ways, and that running/racing can be for anyone and everyone.  I’m so glad to have her out and running with us!

Let’s get the full story from Katy!

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Hilary

While Hilary hasn’t technically made it out to a Ladies of the Trails event since it became an official group, she was part of the original runs that launched the whole idea, and she has a really good reason for not being around lately…she just got back from a month of traveling – Europe & San Fran combo!  Plus, she was out running in the pissing rain on Sunday, even though she was puking Thursday/Friday…Yep, she deserves a spotlight!


Hilary is a random that I “collected” at Seek the Peak 2011, and I haven’t been able to get rid of her since…

She’s one of the toughest girls I know, and we both suffer from the same running problem of always wanting to be moving, and never wanting to say no to a run or a grind with a friend.  Hilary WAS only a Grinder when I met her, and now, well, now she’s run the Squamish50K (signing up 2 weeks before on a whim), and is part of the Baker Lake Party coming up October 5th!

So, shall we hear from Hilary?

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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Nikki!

Saturday’s Buntzen Lake orientation run was such a blast!!  There will be a post about it coming up, but I’m still trying to re-cap my California vacay!  And of course, it’s a super busy time of year for me.  Can someone just pay me to blog??  No?  Awww.

Anyways, a highlight of Saturday’s runs for me was getting to run with my good friend Nikki!

Nikki at Buntzen on Saturday :


Nikki and I met through the wonderful world of social media, and while we run at totally different paces, and for completely different reasons, we just get each other, and have become very close friends.  So not only did I get to run with her, but I also got to hear her tell her “back story” again.  Pun intended, as not only is it a story of her background, but also her physical back.

Don’t get it?  I’ll let Nikki explain.

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