Weight Confessions : I’ve Been Here Before.

Sigh.   I’ve been struggling for weeks now to get back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle.  Weeks.  First it was the Christmas and holiday season. And then it was the never ending plague of Solana being sick to start the year.  And when you’re sick, there’s no motivation to do anything productive.  Then you get better, and you’re already in the cycle of feeling like doing nothing, and eating easy food.  And the thing about easy food, or food when you’re sick, is that it really isn’t healthy.  So because it’s not healthy and you’re out of the healthy routine, you put on a couple pounds, and you get even more lazier, even less motivated.  Last year, end of January, I was the heaviest I’d been in a long time, and even though I haven’t stepped on a scale yet, I’m fairly certain, just by the way I feel and the way I look, the way my clothes are fitting, that I’m pretty much right back there.

Ugh.  I HATE having to admit this out loud.  It pains me even thinking about this, admitting it to myself, let alone admitting it to you, in writing.  But, when I see pics like this…I know I can’t hide under a rock anymore, and pretend it’s not happening, and that everything is alright.

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But, like the title says, this isn’t a new thing, or a foreign place for me.  I’ve been here before.  And quite honestly, I know what I have to do.

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