If you go into the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today was the Hallow’s Eve Trail Race in Lower Seymour today and I’m not up to racing yet, and we’ve volunteered so much this year, that we decided that we wanted to not have any stress on whether we made it out of bed or not.  A few days ago we said wouldn’t it be fun to have a scare station on course and prank our friends and random runners during their race, but we only had fun costumes, but needed something scary.  In between meetings yesterday I ended up at a costume/sewing store, and found 2 masks for us.  After we had the masks, it was time to make a plan.  We went back and forth on our ideas and decided on a later start with hitting both the half marathoners & marathoners towards the end of their race.

Masks purchased, plan made, time to go out in the woods!

photo 1

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Phantom 24K Trail Race 2013 – Race Recap

My 22nd race of the year, was the Mountain Madness Phantom Race, the 24K route.

The Phantom is a staple to the end of the trail running season in Vancouver, and in previous years I’ve run the 12K, and the 19K (a couple times), but I have yet to try the 24K.  Considering I’m training for a 50Miler in just a few short weeks, I decided to man up to the longer distance. Not to mention Jeff, Dave, Shea, and Melissa were all doing the 24.  Sigh, peer pressure always works on me.

I was a bit worried about racing on legs that had been running every day of November for the #beaststreak, but I decided to give it a whirl.

Turns out, I had the right idea being worried, my legs were NOT in the mood to race on Saturday, and it was not a terribly pleasant morning, running wise for me…

But, seeing so many of my wonderful friends always makes it bearable.


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Guest Post – Melissa Runs Hallow’s Eve Marathon

A couple weeks ago, the Hallow’s Eve race occurred and while I decided to rest my feet/arches, Melissa took on the newest distance, a trail marathon.  There was only about 25 starters in this distance, but quite a few of them were people I knew, and I knew lots of people running the half and the 10k.  To avoid having major FOMO, I decided to volunteer, and convinced Dianna to join me!  Anyways, I asked Melissa to write a guest post on the trail marathon, and here it is :

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very quick trigger finger for signing up for races. Normally I’ll read the first sentence of a race review and I’ve already hit the Register button. This was not the case for Hallow’s eve Marathon. I hummed and hawed about this race for awhile leaving the sign up until just a few days prior. This year, Mountain Madness/Run the Northshore offered the full marathon distance along with the half and 10k. As I’m training for a 50miler I knew it was probably smart to sign up for the full… but it still scared the crap out of me as I have never ran a trail marathon before and the few trail half and 25km races I’ve ran have kicked my butt!  So I registered but I never read through the course description or elevation profile…what you don’t know can’t scare you! (I don’t recommend doing this!).

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Iron Knee – RTNS – 25km Trail Race – Race Recap

Third weekend in a row of trail racing, and the Trail Beast is definitely coming out to play!

Trail Beast - NS

Sunday am, I ran the Iron Knee, a 24-25 ish km trail race from Cleveland Dam (just below Grouse Mountain on Nancy Greene Way) to Panorama Park, Deep Cove.  There was also a shorter 10-12 ish km course called the Tender Knee that started at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.

Spoiler alert :  I don’t really have a spoiler for this race…it was as expected a blast!

But, obviously, I have tons of pics and stories to share still!

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Phantom Trail Race – Race Recap

Saturday am, I rolled out of bed and looked outside, and it was gray outside, but it was DRY.  I had made the commitment that I would go and register day-of to run the shortest course of the Phantom Trail Race, the 12km, IF it was dry.

So, I nudged Jay out of bed, and off we went.

The short version :

I had a blast.  I ran strong.  I ran fast.  It was a nice change to just run hard and not worry about saving energy.  I love challenging myself on the longer races, but the shorter ones still have a chunk of my heart.

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 1:16:32, which was good enough for 7th female (technically 6th female, as the MALE finishing in front of me was wearing a female’s bib #) out of 58, and 26th out of 108 overall finishers.  I’m pretty sure this is my best placing in a trail race ever, but I don’t really keep track.

Since it was a shorter race, and I hadn’t even planned on running it, this recap is a nice short one for once!  Who am I kidding?  I don’t do short.  But it’s definitely shorter than my normal recaps.

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Phantom Trail Race – short & sweet

Oh hey, yesterday I ran another race.  Yes, I know, I have problems.  I’ve run the Phantom Race before and really enjoyed it as a cap off to the trail season.  This year, I didn’t register, because it was merely days after the BHam Trail Marathon.  But, my legs were feeling good by the end of the week, so I decided to register on race day, which I’m pretty sure is a first for me!

  • It was dry when I woke up, when we left the house, and when I registered.  Once I started running, it started raining.  I didn’t get too too wet, it was light rain until near the end when it started pissing.
  • I did the 12 km route as a compromise.
  • It was a nice change to run hard and fast, not have to worry about saving energy.
  • I only knew 1 person at the race, they dropped out early due to a pre-existing injury.
  • It was definitely not as cold as last weekend, so I marginally over-dressed.
  • I had no leg issues at all – no seizing, no pain, not even any dead legs!

My Official Stats : 1:16:32 – 7/58 females, 26th overall out of 108 finishers!

Full recap to come!