Girl Power

Since we still have so many friends, family, and events that happen in Vancouver, we’re down in the city a lot, and seemingly every weekend.  Which is totally fine, but when Jay has to go into the city for work more often, it gets hard.  It gets to be not fun, and not something either of us feel up to.  He’s been working lots in the city, and it’s been soul sucking on his energy and drive.  So, we decided that we just had to spend the weekend at home, and since it was a long weekend, it meant 3 days in a row of not driving.

I had plans to run on both Saturday and Sunday with new ladies I’ve connected with in Squamish, and I decided I might as well post it in The Ladies of the Trails and see if we could round up a posse.  Well, let me tell you, we rounded up amazing posses for both days, 6 of us on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday!  And the bonus is that on Friday and Monday, I got out on 2 more trail dates with 2 more rad women.

2016-02-06 11.59.30

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Perfect Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week.  I like Saturdays, but Sundays I just like more.  I’m not sure why since Saturday still has another day of the weekend.  So maybe I’m wrong and I like Saturday and Sunday equally?  I don’t know.

Anyways, today was a perfect Sunday.  Woke up without an alarm, read for a bit, had a bacon & eggs breakfast with the family and then headed to the trails.  At the trailhead we bumped into friends just finishing their runs, and a friend heading out for a run….at 11:25am.  Hahah.  We don’t normally start at 11, or 11:30, but hey, why not?

photo 1-30

And then we ran.  And hiked.  And wandered the trails.  And ran into friends.  And just spent a few hours re-connecting with nature.  Perfection.

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2014 Ugly Sweater Trail Run Recap

Guys!!  I forgot to post about the Ugly Sweater Trail Run!  Whoooooops!  I realized today while I was showing Gram something on my blog (Gram, are you reading this??) that I had never posted about it.

It was a CRAZY cold, icy morning (for Vancouver), and even though the sun was shining bright, the cold and ice, and a wee bit of snow, kept many runners in their homes.

Regardless of the low attendance, we had a great time and even with the icy conditions we had no falls, but tons of laughs!


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Dashing Through the Snow!

Friday night it started to snow.  We didn’t even need to look outside the window to know it was happening, social media in the lower mainland was going crazy.  Jay and I are a bit indifferent when it comes to snow, we don’t love it, and we certainly don’t love how people drive when it snows in Vancouver, but it’s pretty and we don’t hate it.

But, were we going to still go running in the snow?  Ehhhh…depends on how much.  Off to bed we went, deciding to see what the morning had in store for us.  When we woke up, the world was covered in snow, but it wasn’t terribly deep, and we didn’t have a bailing message from S&M, so off to the North Shore we went…

And we were rewarded, big time.

photo 1-15

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2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Trail Run

It’s that time of year again, when I put on a crazy fun Holiday event, and this year it’s happening on Sunday November 30th!  Mark your calendars, tell all of your friends, and come join us for a super festive, super fun, trail running event!

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Taking Candy from Strangers…

On Sunday, a group of us headed out on the trails to spread some good old trail karma.  We dressed up in costumes, dressed our dogs up in costumes, and grabbed bags of candy to share with fellow trail users.


As a first time event, we didn’t know what to expect, but overall it went really well, and we gave out over 100 mini Clif bars, and 9 bags of candy!

A few changes for next year, including starting later in the morning, and making a sign for one of us to wear that says “FREE CANDY”!  Many times people thought we were asking for candy, not giving it out to them.  Anyways, here’s a couple pics from the day!

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Just Keep Climbing, Just Keep Climbing…

For the most part in trail running, and especially in ultras, you’re one type of runner, or the other.  Either you’re a ‘climber’ or a ‘downhiller’.  I’m totally serious about this.  Either you prefer to go up, or you prefer to go down.  I have yet to meet anyone who really enjoys (and excels) at both.

So, for me, I am a downhiller. I hate long climbs.  And given the choice, I will always choose the route that has less climbing, and the climbs I prefer are the shorter/steeper/more technical climbs while I despise the fire service road climbs, or anything that’s a long slow trudge.  For example, locally, I would always choose the Grouse Grind over running up Mountain Highway.  And really, when I have the choice, I’m likely to choose neither during a run, and do shorter climbs.  But alas, this isn’t always the smartest technique of training.

To be honest, a lot of my trail running “training” has been quite loosey-goosey, and determined more by which way I feel like turning when I hit an intersection, or the overall time on feet.  I do like to do more race specific runs, like before KneeKnacker I did lots of BP runs, and before Baker Lake, I did lots of Buntzen runs, but I’ve never really focused on the elevation gain, and the climbing specifics.

Shea & Melissa, mostly Melissa, have been bugging me about running Yakima 50K for the past 6 months, and Melissa threatened to register me so many times that I found myself in a FOMO position, and online when registration opened.  A weekend away with our good friends, running a 50K that looks stunning, no big deal right?

Wrong.  Somebody neglected to check the race course, and didn’t see the 10,000 feet elevation gain.  Eff.

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Cap Crusher 13K 2014 – Race Recap

Coast Mountain Trail Series – Cap Crusher – March 23, 2014

It seems like it’s kind of the theme for 2014 to run races, but not actually race them.  In a way, it’s a bit sad considering I do love that pushing yourself, racing, competitive feeling.  I just have been struggling with injuries and issues, and haven’t been up to racing condition.  Why run a race then?  Because races are about so much more than actually racing.  They are about the community, they are about seeing friends, supporting friends, being outside, and most of all just being active, getting a solid run in.

I’ll be honest, I was 100% going to drop from the 13K to the 8K on Sunday morning, but Dave wouldn’t let me, and to be honest, Dave and I have run so many trying training runs that I knew it was going to be fine, just another training run, disguised as a race.

I don’t have too much to say about the race, as it was short for a race for me, but Jay was out taking pictures, and it was the perfect spring day to go for a run!


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Sunday Funday – Afternoon Forest Frolic

On Sunday afternoon Jay and I headed out with Ryland, Kylee, and Jay (yes, another Jay who’s real name is just Jay!) for a random trail adventure.  Because Kylee was gigging we had a later start than usual, and while at first I was meh about it, it was really nice to sleep in, have a cup of coffee, catch up on emails, and then head out on the trails.  And the biggest bonus was, it was super fogged in and grey in the am, while the afternoon was sunny and gorgeous!  It was a beautiful blissful January day, and it really was a perfect run.

2014-01-19 14.02.53

There’s nothing better than friends, sunshine, dogs, and trails.  Nothing.  The day was stunning, and we took a lot of photos, so this is just a photo dump of Sunday’s run, oh and a bit of a brag as to the amazing trails I live near!!  Haha

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It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To…

On Saturday, I organized a Birthday adventure for me and my friends.  I proposed running 29kms, 1 km for every birthday I’ve celebrated.  A lovely idea.  But, not exactly my smartest idea, when you consider the last month of my life.  I’ve been recovering from my 50Miler, I’ve been sick more than I’ve been healthy, the longest I’ve run is 16kms, and from January 2nd to 10th, I didn’t once exercise.  Oh ya, that sounds like perfect training to go into a 30K run.  And the worst part?  I didn’t choose an easy route.  I didn’t choose something mundane and average.  Nah, I chose the second half of the KneekKnacker course, with a couple add ons.  If you know the Baden Powell trail at all, you know that it’s not as easy trail to just go out and run for fun.  Oh yes, it’s tons of fun, but it’s also super technical, has lots of hard climbs, and sometimes in the winter, it actually turns into an obstacle course run of ankle deep puddles, river crossings, oh and climbing up waterfalls masquerading as trails.

Anyone else thinking this sounds like a bad idea of a Birthday Party?  Not yet?  Well, how about I throw in a rainfall and wind warning….just for fun?

2014-01-11 09.05.50

This picture from James kind of sums up our day….haha!

Sigh.  My birthday party run wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was a blast, and it will definitely not be easily forgotten!!

Let me tell you about it…

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