Month of November – Training Recap

Tis the season to be jolly…It’s December already??  This is insane!  Time to check back in on November:

Total Road KMs : 125 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~186 kms

KMs raced during November : 74 kms

Total KMs this month : 311 kms

Total KM’s this year : 2392 kms

Hours running :  42 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 1 BCMC

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 1 – Grind closed, but got up the BCMC once for Trail Ghost’s BDay.

How’s my month been?

November was a great month for the most part.  It was a hard month because it was our November Streaking Challenge, and so I had to run a minimum of 5K every day.  But, I succeeded, and I do feel like after a bit of rest after 31 straight days of running, I will be stronger from this experiment.

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Ohhhh We’re Halfway There!

Well crap guys.  I wrote and published this post yesterday, but due to technology absolutely hating me, it’s somehow been lost out there in the big scary world of the internet.  I will try my best to get the same post written, but to be honest, I’m really quite discouraged to have to create it again. 

Anyways, here we are, past the halfway mark of November Run Streak, which Nikki lovingly tagged as the #beaststreak!  I can’t think of a better hashtag or nickname to describe this somewhat crazy thing we’re trying to do, of trying to run every day for 30 days straight.

When I proposed this idea, I thought maybe a couple friends would join me, and together we’d slog through the month of November.  Amazingly, shockingly, the running community came together and embraced this goal, and we had 60 people “officially” sign up.

And now, here we are, at the halfway point, and all that went through my mind while I was running on the 15th day of the month, was Bon Jovi – “We’re Halfway There”


Not quite a tiger….my wonderful IT guy is busy unfortunately.

So, I’m sure you are curious as to how everyone is getting along, and what they’re thinking…I know I am!

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Month of October – Training Recap

October!!  Holy Hannah, how did it get to be November already??!!

Total Road KMs : 13.5 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~179.5 kms

KMs raced during October : 71.5 kms

Total KMs this month : 193 kms

Total KM’s this year : 2081 kms

Hours running :  24.5 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 3 BCMC’s.

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 3

How’s my month been?

October was a whirlwind of a month!  It was like I snapped my fingers, and the month went poof and disappeared!

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Streaking – Day 1!

Wowsers!  The Streaking Party is a real thing!!  And I don’t recognize a ton of the names on this list, which makes it even cooler.  Right now, we’re up to 41 streakers!

The spreadsheet is here, and feel free to sign yourself up to join us, it’s already super motivating, at least it is to me and my parents.  We went out this morning, and they ran just over 3K, while I banked 5K for Day 1.


Today’s your last chance to join us, as you have to start running today, and from the sounds of it, there will also be a couple of random prizes drawn between the names of everyone who completes the challenge!  (If anyone else has some random prizing they want to toss in the hat let me know!)

And the best news of the whole thing, is that we tentatively have November 30th booked as the next 5 Peaks off season fun run, which just so happens to be the last day of the challenge!  What is actually a total coincidence will make for an awesome wrap up party for us streakers!  I’ll be confirming this exciting Christmas themed (YES!!) run in the next week, so stay tuned, and mark off your calendars for now!



November restart, let’s check in – Week 3

Alright, day 24 of November, which means we have a full 3 weeks of my November healthy restart behind us, and it’s time again to check in.

The last week has been really good.  I got a handle on the post marathon cheats from last week, I did NOT have a cheat day, and I didn’t have any major slip-ups at all.

Overall, I feel good.  I’m not losing weight, which is of course frustrating, but I feel healthy, and most importantly, I feel good, and really, that’s all that matters.

Want the deets?  Keep reading.

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November restart, let’s check in – Week 2

The only reason I’m posting this is because I know that accountability is important for me.

Today is day 16 of my healthy re-start for November.  As I mentioned in my check in last week, days 1-8 were solid, and I was feeling awesome.  Days 9 & 10 were also really good.  Day 11 was my cheat day, after running a marathon.  However, Days 12, 13, & 14 were not great.  The cheat bled into the next few days.  Not terribly, but little things like lattes, granola, and a couple packages of dark chocolates. UGH.

Nitty Gritty details inside…

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November restart, let’s check in!

Last week I talked about how I was out of my healthy routine and making some not-so-great choices with my food, and was up a few (or 10) lbs than where I’m comfortable, so I was hitting the restart button for November.

Guess what?  Today is day 8, and days 1-7 were solid.  Not quite perfect, but close.  Since I believe that accountability breeds success, I’m going to tell you all about my week – what I did well, what I could’ve improved at, and where I sucked.

Here we go…

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Month of October – Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up October’s training/races, find out how my month was, and take a peak at what’s on tap for November

Total Road KMs :  62.5 kms

Total Trail KMs : 108 kms approx

Hours running :   20 hrs approx

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 4 hrs approx

# of Grinds : 3

How’s my month been? 

It’s very hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s NOVEMBER already, but October was a really amazing month, especially since it included a 10km PR, and my first ultra marathon!

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