Streaking – Day 1!

Wowsers!  The Streaking Party is a real thing!!  And I don’t recognize a ton of the names on this list, which makes it even cooler.  Right now, we’re up to 41 streakers!

The spreadsheet is here, and feel free to sign yourself up to join us, it’s already super motivating, at least it is to me and my parents.  We went out this morning, and they ran just over 3K, while I banked 5K for Day 1.


Today’s your last chance to join us, as you have to start running today, and from the sounds of it, there will also be a couple of random prizes drawn between the names of everyone who completes the challenge!  (If anyone else has some random prizing they want to toss in the hat let me know!)

And the best news of the whole thing, is that we tentatively have November 30th booked as the next 5 Peaks off season fun run, which just so happens to be the last day of the challenge!  What is actually a total coincidence will make for an awesome wrap up party for us streakers!  I’ll be confirming this exciting Christmas themed (YES!!) run in the next week, so stay tuned, and mark off your calendars for now!