Every Day I’m Shuffling…errrr Running

Day 15.  Technically Day 17 of my run-streak since December started on a Monday, and I ran Saturday and Sunday because, well, it was the weekend of the Ugly Sweater Trail Run!

Yesterday I struggled through my run.  My heart was there, but my body just wasn’t in it.  I had torqued my ankle towards the end of Saturday’s run, and my legs just weren’t having anything to do with running on Sunday.  My ankles and calves especially took forever to warm up.  They were stiff and sore, and working against me.

I’ve mentioned before that my running mentor, Rainy, was the inspiration behind the Ugly Sweater Trail Run, as every year she hosts a “Oh Run All Ye Faithful” running/walking event out of her mom’s carport, where we do as few or as many 5K loops as we want.  Well, Sunday was the 7th Annual!  My parents flew back into town on Friday and on Sunday the 3 of us headed over to join in the fun.


Don’t we look great?  Although no one else had festive sweaters on!  I wonder why…

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Month(s) of December & January – Training Recap(s)

I missed doing December recap, so this will be a joint December/January recap!

Total Road KMs :  Dec : 175.25 kms  Jan : 200 kms

Total Trail KMs : 0 kms – I tend to switch to roads for the spring, & head back to trails after I run my spring road marathon.

Total KMs : 375.35 kms over December & January

Hours running :  40 something…

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 5 hrs approx – December sucked for any sort of cross-training!

# of Grinds : 0 – CLOSED

How’s my month(s) been? 

BUSY!  Vegas, Christmas stuff, Mexico, New Years, Birthday, Marathon training started, etc etc etc.

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