Whole 30 = Finished!

Well, there you have it folks!  Another Whole 30 is all wrapped up nicely with a ribbon on top.  Kind of crazy that it’s been 30 days with no coffee, no sugar, no treats at all.  Pretty awesome really.

I started Whole 30 on May 26th, and I weighed in that morning at 172.  I was down to 161 last Thursday, but a weekend of a few too many Lara bars and too much fruit and nuts in general and I’m back up to 163 this morning.  Sigh.  Not quite the 159 I was hoping to close off the Whole 30 at, but it’s still 9+ lbs lost, and a whole heck of a lot of good habits re-gained.

I’m not actually going to quite Whole 30 today, I’ve got Alla’s stagette on Saturday, and mine & Jay’s anniversary dinner on Friday, so I think I’ll probably go till Friday night before getting off the train.  And I don’t intend to completely get off the train, because the wedding is in just 2.5 short weeks, and I’d really like to be my lowest ever on the day I stand up beside my friend, who I’ve known since I was just a wee little girl.

I do want a delicious coffee, but, I don’t really deserve it right now, so I’ll wait till I reallllllllly want it, maybe Sunday when I wake up hungover?  Hahah.

Im surprised that I;m not chomping at the bit to quite Whole 30, and part of me is even a bit disappointed that I can’t continue it 100% through the weekend, but life gets in the way, I’ll just be making smarter choice moving forward.

Nothing else to say right now, just wanted to check in and let you guys know I completed my 30 day challenge!  Woo!



Whole 30 – Halfway There

Here we are, day 15 is in the bag, and I’m officially halfway through my Whole 30.  I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m doing, especially since I had a crazy busy weekend of race directing the 5 Peaks Alice Lake race, and co-hosting my elementary school bestie’s bridal shower.  And we all know what kind of food you find at showers….

So, how’d I do? First, let’s take a moment to just check out this view.  This is at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola.  We took a quick ride up to the top on Saturday post race and were so impressed.  Definitely put it on the must-do list.


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Whole 30 – Week 1

It’s funny how the brain can play tricks on us, and we can forget how good we feel when we do something.  It’s like stretching, and foam rolling.  We know it’s good for us, but it takes time and effort, and it just plain hurts a lot of the time, so I don’t blame us for not doing it.

Same goes with our food habits.  To be healthy and to make the right choices takes time and energy.  If you’re eating on the go, or grabbing something last minute, it’s not likely going to be a) healthy or b) well balanced c) satisfying.  And when I say satisfying, I’m talking about big picture satisfying, not just tastes good satisfying.  I’m talking about that feeling you get after organizing your closet, or food prepping for the week.  That kind of “ahhhh” breathe out satisfaction.

Anyways, I’m satisfied right now.  In a great way.  And it just so happens to be the end of Day 8 of my Whole 30…

Oh and I’m not running still, but I did get out and on some trails briefly this weekend!


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Steveston Ice-Breaker 8km 2014- Race Recap

Last year, I started this race recap saying “My first race of 2013 was fantastic!  It was a reminder of why I love running, racing, and sharing my love of running with others who feel the same.”

Hahaha, I can’t say the same thing this year.  Not even close.

The short version :

It was a beautiful crisp winter morning, and our crew was all on time, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to race.  Unfortunately, my Yasso’s a couple weeks ago were not a clear indication of my fitness, and my left foot is acting up pretty terribly in my road shoes.

Spoiler alert : I finished in 37:44, a PW (personal worst) from last year’s 37:19.  BUT, I have amazing running friends, that I’m so very thankful for.


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Phantom 24K Trail Race 2013 – Race Recap

My 22nd race of the year, was the Mountain Madness Phantom Race, the 24K route.

The Phantom is a staple to the end of the trail running season in Vancouver, and in previous years I’ve run the 12K, and the 19K (a couple times), but I have yet to try the 24K.  Considering I’m training for a 50Miler in just a few short weeks, I decided to man up to the longer distance. Not to mention Jeff, Dave, Shea, and Melissa were all doing the 24.  Sigh, peer pressure always works on me.

I was a bit worried about racing on legs that had been running every day of November for the #beaststreak, but I decided to give it a whirl.

Turns out, I had the right idea being worried, my legs were NOT in the mood to race on Saturday, and it was not a terribly pleasant morning, running wise for me…

But, seeing so many of my wonderful friends always makes it bearable.


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Lake Padden Trail Half 2013 – Race Recap

My 20th race of the year, was my second running of the Lake Padden Trail Half in Bellingham, WA.

One of my favorite races from 2012, I knew I had to go back and run it in 2013.  But, my body hasn’t gotten the memo either year, that this is a fun race to run!  It has revolted both years, and unfortunately, I’ve had to drag my ass around Lake Padden 2 years in a row.  Sigh.  At least I had a great time with my friends!


Anyways, the full recap, including photo’s from my wonderful husband and crew is now ready for you…

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Recipe : Paleo Yam & Leek Soup

I picked up some leeks the other day, and I was contemplating making a leek soup.  I wasn’t sure where to go with it, but I decided to try something different, and I created a creamy yam & leek soup!  Of course, it’s paleo, and it’s super delicious!

2013-10-12 16.21.38Ah, doesn’t that just scream fall time??

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5Peaks – Buntzen 2013 – Trail Race – Race Recap

My 18th race of the year, was the 5th and final race of the 5Peaks 2013 series, the Buntzen Lake race on September 28th, 2013.


Spoiler alert :  For the first time in what feels like forever, I didn’t struggle in a shorter race.  Of course my race wasn’t perfect, and I still had to fight through to a strong finish, but it’s the first race I’ve really felt like myself, in a long time.  And it paid off, I finished the course 61st out of 145 finishers, 8th overall female, and 3rd in my age group! 

Check out my full recap & some fabulous pictures, like the one above, from the very talented Rob Shaer!

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5Peaks – Whistler 2013 – Trail Race – Race Recap

My 17th race of the year, was the 4th of the 5Peaks 2013 series, the Whistler – Blackcomb Mountain edition on August 24th, 2013.


Adam Campbell, the eventual winner of the Enduro course absolutely killing it out there!

Spoiler alert :  I struggled.  Similar to my last 5Peaks race at Cypress, I struggled along, didn’t feel great most of the race.  This time though, I was able to finish with a PR on this course of 3 mins faster then in 2012, so that’s definitely a positive.

Check out my full recap & some fabulous pictures, like the one above, from the very talented Rob Shaer!

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It’s Time To Be…Honest.

Sometimes, blogging is a pain.  And other times, it’s the only thing that keeps me accountable.  I could keep pretending that nothing is wrong, and that I’m fine.  But, the thing is, I am incapable of lying.  Like I literally cannot hide things or tell a lie without confessing it almost immediately.  So, here’s my truth:

I’m up about 8 lbs.  Sigh.

Fat Tiger Cat_01-0104-500x500

It turns out that even when you are running ultras you can’t just have all the treats you want.  Crap!

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