Cautiously Optimistic

I don’t know if I’ve ever used this term before, but it seems to be perfect for my situation right now.  I told you that I got prolo injections into my foot on Thursday, and I promised I’d take 3 solid days to rest before testing it out.  I took that time seriously, I stayed off my feet, I rested, and I was super annoyed seeing gorgeous pictures of my friends running in the sunshine.

On Sunday, I went to West Van Run and cheered for all my friends running, in the rain/snow/nastiness.  I had brought my running stuff, and was contemplating testing my foot out then, but it was just gross out, and I was babysitting S&M’s puppy, Stella, so I decided to wait.  We went to the Heritage Classic game on Sunday afternoon, so it was a jam packed busy day, and by the time we got home I was tired, but determined to test my foot.

Onto the treadmill I jumped, and here’s what happened.

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Dietbet, Coffee, Injections.

Again, thank you for all the great support coming out of my weight post from earlier this week, you guys are the best and I love blogging because of readers like you.

The rest of this week has been really random.  Since making my confessions, and putting myself out there, I’m already making a change and moving in the right direction.  I also decided I needed to quit coffee for a while again.  And then, then I got needles in my foot.  And not like nice needles like acupuncture, no, mean needles of injections into my foot.  Owwie.

So, it’s been a bit random, so what’s a girl to do other than blog about it on a Friday night?

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