Mom’s Review of her 12 week Half Marathon Training

Before running in her first ever half marathon on Sunday September 30th, I asked Mom to do a re-cap/review of her 12 week training program :

Take it away Momma,

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Mom’s first sub 60 min Grind!

Mom came with me (I think twice) last summer, but this year, since she’s more into running and training, she’s already come with me 3 times this season!

All of her grinds have been just over an hour, but last night she cracked the 60 min barrier (post to post) WOO HOO!!!

Since I was pretty sure she’d rock it, we brought the iPhone to take some commemorative photos!

Way to go Momma!  Next up, she’s going for a sub 60 min 10 km tomorrow at the Starbucks Run for Women




Races, Races, and MORE RACES!!!

I’m still recovering from the marathon, I seem to have a small tear in my hamstring, adductor magnus.  It’s basically considered part of the hamstring, but only really functions when the hamstring is tired (I am not a doctor, this is just my understanding)

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On the mend…and a new race on the horizon!

I’m still stuffed up, and on the cold meds, but I am feeling better, and with just over a week to go, I know I’m going to be fine for next Sunday!!

This week’s focus has been on resting, fluids, vitamins, and sleep.  I took Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off from running/exercising.

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