January 5th

I can’t write too much.  Short story, we went out for a long run in miserable weather yesterday, and on our way down from deep snow turned into icy slush, I slid out on a rock covered in slush, and came crashing down on my lower back.  First and foremost, I’m OK.  But I’m sore, I’m whiney, and I can’t sit here blogging even though I have lots to say, so let’s go point form.

  • The BeastStreak is actually still alive and kicking.  I thought for sure it would end Dec 31st, but then the 1st is a given for a family run, and well I’ve just kept going.  I’ll admit, today looked like a no-go, but then I got to thinking, and realized that it’s really hard to say no to Day 38 without at least trying.  So, treadmill with a little Bachelor and whopping 2.5kms.
  • My back doesn’t really hurt if I’m still, and walking/running is okkkkk, but any bending over or twisting of my right side, and it’s OWWWWWWW.
  • Jay’s new Go-Pro and stabilizer is RAD.  Trail running adventures with my hubs just got way more fun, and way more stressful.  When you’ve got someone running behind you, filming your every step, trust me, you’re re-thinking the dessert from last night, or the way you’re hunching your shoulders.

A few stills from our Saturday run :


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Perfect Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week.  I like Saturdays, but Sundays I just like more.  I’m not sure why since Saturday still has another day of the weekend.  So maybe I’m wrong and I like Saturday and Sunday equally?  I don’t know.

Anyways, today was a perfect Sunday.  Woke up without an alarm, read for a bit, had a bacon & eggs breakfast with the family and then headed to the trails.  At the trailhead we bumped into friends just finishing their runs, and a friend heading out for a run….at 11:25am.  Hahah.  We don’t normally start at 11, or 11:30, but hey, why not?

photo 1-30

And then we ran.  And hiked.  And wandered the trails.  And ran into friends.  And just spent a few hours re-connecting with nature.  Perfection.

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Trail Therapy

Annoying emails, people acting immature, bad drivers, missing turns, too many chocolates and treats, a mile long to-do list, mountains of laundry, a Christmas tree that is not decorated, dogs that need baths, blah, blah, blah.  Time to UNPLUG.

Marijke, Kelsey and I headed out to Buntzen, and the weather gods apparently knew that I needed to just unplug from life, and be blown away by the gorgeous place we get to live *and play!) in.

photo 1-21

Just a few snapshots from our run.  I swear I only took like 10 photos total, they all just were stunning and amazing and had to be shared.

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Costumed Reverse Trick or Treating – Trail Run Style

The sad part of trick or treating, is that it’s really only for kids.  Even if teenagers come to your door, you look down on them a little.  Don’t say you don’t, I know you do….

So, adults are put into this box of having to get slutted up and go partying instead of going out and getting treats.  I love dressing up, but I hate what Halloween has become, like did you know there’s a such thing as a sexy french fry??!!  Yep….

enhanced-buzz-13531-1411669881-7See some other ridiculous “sexy” costumes here.  But really, how sexy can a french fry or a hot dog or a PINEAPPLE be??

Anyways, I just wanted a chance to bitch about those costumes….and now, for the point of this post.  Drum roll please….I’m hosting a Costumed run this Sunday to celebrate Halloween!  But, instead of knocking on doors and asking for a treat, we’re going to be be going for a run on our trails and treating the local runners, hikers, dog walkers, and bikers that are out on Sunday morning.

All the deets are on the Facebook event here.  But, I’d love to send out an invitation to any of my local readers to come out and join us on Sunday morning.  Come in costume, 8:30am, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Parking lot, with a bag of candy in hand, and if you have a well behaved trail dog, they’re welcome too!  We’ll be running for maybe 2 hours, with an option to just do an hour.

The only catch?  Costumes are mandatory!



I love weekends.

We have been so busy that weekends haven’t really been weekends, and life kind of passes by like a blur.  There’s fun and all, but without the down times, it’s hard to really embrace and enjoy the good.

But this weekend, this weekend we had NOTHING on the schedule.  Some pencil markings, but a whole lot of nothing important or concrete.

So what did we do?

A whole lot of FUN and relaxation!  And maybe a bunch of sillyness too!

photo 5

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Guest Post – Jen Takes on K3 Stage Race

Not shockingly it’s been hard to sit down and blog when you feel like your life is pretty darn boring.  I know you’re wondering how I am, but I don’t realllllllly want to talk about it, and so I have to rely on my wonderful friends to entertain you.

As you know, I was supposed to run the K3 – Kananaskis 3 day stage race at the beginning of July in Alberta.  It was going to be my goal race for the year, as I really wanted to do well and challenge myself at a European stage race in 2015.  Ah, the best laid plans…

While I was getting pumped about this race and trip, I managed to convince Jen Closs, that is was totally something that she could achieve, if she dedicated herself to the training.  I even offered to make her a training plan to help her bridge the gap.  I don’t have specific stage day race training, but it’s similar to ultras and back to back training, so I felt like I had the knowledge base to assist her to completing the race successfully.

So, Jen signed up along with myself, Shea, and Melissa, and we started planning our trip.  Jen was going to see her family in Alberta, and the Fab 4 of Jay, Me, S&M decided we were going to roadtrip, git up the Stampede, run the Skyline Trail in Jasper, and have just a grand old time!  Of course this was before it was obvious that I was injured and had to stop running.  Womp, womp…

My amazing wonderful friends still went and had a great time a K3, and through these wonderful photos and race recap, I’m able to live a bit through them, and you can too.  Jen prepared this lovely guest post for the blog, so here she is…


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Just Keep Climbing, Just Keep Climbing…

For the most part in trail running, and especially in ultras, you’re one type of runner, or the other.  Either you’re a ‘climber’ or a ‘downhiller’.  I’m totally serious about this.  Either you prefer to go up, or you prefer to go down.  I have yet to meet anyone who really enjoys (and excels) at both.

So, for me, I am a downhiller. I hate long climbs.  And given the choice, I will always choose the route that has less climbing, and the climbs I prefer are the shorter/steeper/more technical climbs while I despise the fire service road climbs, or anything that’s a long slow trudge.  For example, locally, I would always choose the Grouse Grind over running up Mountain Highway.  And really, when I have the choice, I’m likely to choose neither during a run, and do shorter climbs.  But alas, this isn’t always the smartest technique of training.

To be honest, a lot of my trail running “training” has been quite loosey-goosey, and determined more by which way I feel like turning when I hit an intersection, or the overall time on feet.  I do like to do more race specific runs, like before KneeKnacker I did lots of BP runs, and before Baker Lake, I did lots of Buntzen runs, but I’ve never really focused on the elevation gain, and the climbing specifics.

Shea & Melissa, mostly Melissa, have been bugging me about running Yakima 50K for the past 6 months, and Melissa threatened to register me so many times that I found myself in a FOMO position, and online when registration opened.  A weekend away with our good friends, running a 50K that looks stunning, no big deal right?

Wrong.  Somebody neglected to check the race course, and didn’t see the 10,000 feet elevation gain.  Eff.

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Squamish 50 – Orientation Run #1 – March 22/14

Saturday morning was the first orientation run of the season for Squamish 50.  The guys – Gary & Geoff started doing free orientation runs, open to runners and their friends last year, and they are truly one of my favorite places to be on a weekend.

1) it’s in SQUAMISH.  I freaking love Squamish.  I love running the trails there.  I love the Brew Pub after for yummy hot eats.  If you know me, you know I hate long drives, and yet the drive to Squamish always seems shorter than I expect, and not that bad.

2) ALL my trail friends from fast to slow come out to run!  I started to count how many hugs I was involved in at the Nester’s parking lot on Saturday morning, and I lost count, because there’s just too many people that I know and love that come out to these events.  I joke, but I really wasn’t as excited to run, as I was to see my peeps.

3) The last time I climbed the Mtn of Phlegm was during the 50K race last August, and I was in a bad place at the time.  The wheels had fallen off of my bus, and I ended up crying while hugging Rob at the top, feeling utterly defeated.  I wanted a redemption of that hill!

These are definitely the top 3 reasons why I was excited for Saturday, so here’s some pictures, and how the day went down.


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As you know if you read Doug’s guest post, I was across the line, at the Chuckanut 50K last weekend, and we did a run-cheer during the race.

Not quite sure how we came up with the idea, but during brainstorming for meeting up, it just made sense, and sounded like the perfect idea.  I love Bellingham, and I love the Chuckanut trails, but the interurban path that runners start and finish on, well, that section is just the devil.

So, Saturday morning, we headed out on the Chuckanut trails with a different mentality than all of the racers lining up at the start line, and for once, I definitely wasn’t wishing I was racing, I was happy as a pig in mud just out and running on the trails.


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Get Outta Your Head!

So, yesterday I probably should’ve gone to work in the am, finished a bunch of stuff, and THEN skipped out early, and headed out on the trails for an afternoon adventure.  Only problem?  A friend offering to run in the am with me.  Kind of threw my day out of whack, and had me staying at work after it was already dark outside, and I was so HUNGRY because I didn’t get a big enough lunch after a pretty amazing morning run.

But you know what?  It was the RIGHT DECISION.

 2014-01-31 09.54.50-1

Other than the obvious it looked like THAT answer, what else do I mean?

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