Solid. I feel solid.

Well, CRAP.  This was supposed to post more than a week ago, but for some reason, it’s still sitting here.  Ah, technology, you jerk.  Anyways, nothing more has changed, I had ANOTHER solid weekend, this past weekend, with the girls.  Did 4 days of running, with 13 ladies, 4 dogs, and covered some 80kms.  BAM!!

So, let’s go back to the original post from last week…

It’s amazing what a few good training days does to a person.  I’ve had back to back SOLID training weekends the last 2 weekends, and I’m riding high.

2016-01-29 14.10.46 HDR

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Reality Check, T-Minus 1 Month

Signed onto Facebook this morning, and pretty much the very first thing I see…”1 month till KneeKnacker!”

Uhhhhhhh…SAY WHAT?!

Well, shit.  I didn’t realize that it was that soon.  It’s really hard to grasp that it’s almost mid-June already.  I feel like this entire 2015 has just flown by.  Especially since the beginning of March.  It’s just nuts.  And the biggest issue I have is that it’s super easy to just do the day-to-day stuff, and before you know it, a week has gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing really.  Or you have so many grand plans for the upcoming weeks or months, but without a plan, a serious, detailed plan, it’s super easy to blink and those weeks have passed already and your to-do list is still just a list because you haven’t moved forward step-by-step.

Which brings us to where I’m at with KneeKnacker.  It’s just a month away and while I had grand plans for this year’s training, I feel like I’ve lost a ton of time and only accomplish so much…

2015-05-31 11.08.29

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Avoiding FOMO

I’ve talked about FOMO on the blog before, as it’s a very real thing to me, even if it’s a very teenage acronym.  Not sure what FOMO is?  It’s the “Fear of Missing Out”.  The peer pressure of knowing your friends or acquaintances are doing it, so you better too, or you might miss out.

Most of the time, I am a huge believer in the powers of FOMO, and for the most part I think that usually the results are positive.  There’s definitely times I’ve fallen victim to FOMO, and rolled out of bed at an ungodly hour because friends are waiting on me, and wonder why I ever said yes in the first place.  But, almost exclusively I’ve been very happy to have been convinced, if for no other reason than spending quality time with friends.

But sometimes, you have to be smart and think about the whole picture before you let yourself to succomb to the powers of FOMO.  Because sometimes just because it’s the right choice for others, doesn’t make it the right choice for you.  And sometimes, sitting on the sidelines, and not participating, or participating in a different sense is the right choice for you.  But, how do you know what’s right or not?

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I miss the pain, the suffering.

I’ve been thinking lots recently about what exactly draws me to ultra running and what I’m missing while I’m injured.

There’s the beautiful scenery, stunning views at the top of legs aching/lungs burning climbs, and gorgeous trails that look like a fairy tale, or fern gully, and make you feel like you’re running on a different planet.  That’s special but not what really drives me…

And there’s the camaraderie between runners, and the people you meet both in your training, and during the races, the crazy stories told, the inside jokes, the raunchy-ness that you’d never say to a virtual stranger you’d just met.  Definitely a favourite part of running and ultra running in specific, but not what I miss the most…

And what about the satisfaction of finishing a hard race or the accomplishment of achieving a goal you never thought you could.  That’s pretty darn cool all right.  But, it’s still not what keeps bringing me back…

So what is it that brings me back?  It may sound perverse, but the pain, and the suffering, that’s what has it’s hooks in me.  Let me explain.

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To My KneeKnacker’ing Friends…

Last July, I ran the KneeKnacker.  I was one of the lucky ones to get selected in the lottery, and selected the very first time I entered the lottery.  Showing up at the start line, I was utterly petrified.  This race has a very special meaning to me, it’s basically right in my backyard, and it’s filled with so many amazing like minded people, both running it themselves, and organizing it from the backside.  Most people who don’t get chosen in the lottery, still show up on race day to volunteer.  It’s just that kind of race.  It’s special.

I didn’t put my name in the lottery for 2014.  My oldest friend asked me to be in her bridal party, and July 12th is her wedding day.  Luckily they chose the date before the lottery was selected, as I would hate to take a spot from someone who was able to run the race.

Yes, of course I’m a bit sad to be missing out on the whole day, since it involves so many people that I love and am inspired by, but standing up beside Alison is also a pretty amazing way to spend a day and I’m honoured to be there.

That being said, I just wanted to post something about this special race.  I’m not in this footage from last year, but I can’t help but smile when I watch this.  It’s a beautiful little glimpse into this amazing race and experience.

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Month of April 2014 – Training Recap

It was mostly just being busy, but also not really wanting to talk about my sub par training that had me almost forgetting to post April’s training recap.

Total Road KMs : 0 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~200 kms

KMs raced during April : 50K – Yakima 50K

Total KMs this month : 200 kms

Total KM’s this year : 800.5 kms

Hours running :  30 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 2ish

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 2 - Grind closed, but made it up & down BCMC twice.

How’s my month been?

Womp womp.  There really isn’t too much to say.  I volunteered and cheered lots in April, and I raced once, at the Yakima Skyline 50K, which I basically hated.  It wasn’t a great month for training, but I also had a prolo injection, which takes almost a week off of running as well.  If I had done this recap right after April ended, I’d probably be more positive about it, but on a whole, I think womp, womp definitely describes my month.

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Sun Mountain 50K – Race Recap

Short version: I made a deal with the devil to have my last run for a while in a gorgeous stunning location, and even though sections of it were unbearably painful, I ran with a friend, and spent just over 6 hours coming to terms with the fact that I was indeed injured, and would have to stop running. But it was a beautiful place to run!

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I’ve been living in a state of denial

SIGH.  This is NOT a race recap from Sunday’s Sun Mountain 50K.  Instead, this is a confession.

And unless you don’t have a heart, it’s probably going to make you cry.  Or maybe it won’t, if your heart is black.

I’m being melodramatic, and I fully realize that, but I honestly can’t talk about running right now, without tears coming to my eyes, getting choked up, and basically I just have to stop talking.

Running doesn’t define me, but it’s a huge part of my life.  And right now I don’t know where that part of my life stands, but I do know that it can’t be a part of my life right now. And that is just heartbreaking.

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Yakima 50K

I’ve been trying to decide whether to write a short version recap and a long version, or maybe give myself more time to “get over” the horrible race I had.  So, I’m just going to sit down, start typing, and see what comes out.

First off, I want to make something clear, I LOVE technical trail running.  Technical meaning that you have to have fast feet, there’s tons of roots, rocks, twists, turns along the trail, and you have to be on your toes, ready for anything.  For the most part, Vancouver area trails are considered technical.  There are some exceptions to this of course, and not all trails around here are that technical, but on a whole, the majority of the trails are.  For example, the Baden Powell on a whole, is considered a very technical trail.  The loop around Rice Lake and the connector trails like Twin Bridges or Fisherman’s to name a few well known local trails, are not considered technical.

Secondly, I also want to make it clear that I am damn proud of this race finish, no matter how slow it was, but, I did have a terrible day out there, and this recap will be a whiny mess, because that’s how I was on Sunday.  I will not apologize for hating this race, because that’s how I feel.


Thirdly, call it what you want; character building, worst case scenario training, a challenge, whatever you want, it’s not going to change the fact that I hated this race.  This takes nothing away from the stunning views and landscape of the Yakima Canyon.  It is an absolutely gorgeous place to run a race, but I personally do not believe in running a race on rocky horse trails, it just isn’t fun to me.  Yes, I realize that some people look at this race as a gnarly challenge and that excites them.  That isn’t me, and that won’t be me.  I love to be challenged, I do not like to put myself in a position to feel unnecessary pain.  Yes, running an ultra marathon for fun could be considered unnecessary pain if that isn’t the norm for your life.  It is the norm for my life, but the only requirement is that the races and runs are still fun in the end.

Sunday, in no way, shape, or form was fun for me.  Not even a little bit, and that’s where I draw the line.

Not sick of me whining yet?  Here comes the race recap…

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Push for PocketFuel

In ultra running, you really have to try a whole bunch of products, and then stick to the ones that work for you.  And sometimes you can have too much of one thing and then get sick of it, and have to switch to something else.  And sometimes it’s hard to eat anything at all.  Right now, I’m on a blonde Oreos kick during ultras.  Don’t ask me why…

But anyways, there’s a few staples that I love and can almost always stomach.  I love Cliff Shot Bloks, and Gu in vanilla, chocolate, and expresso only.  And I love Pocketfuel.  I love the taste, and the idea of having real food in a pouch to go.  Pocketfuel recently came out with a new idea, a ready to eat/drink cold brew coffee!  Basically, they describe it as a coffee pudding.  I cannot describe how excited this makes me for those killer long runs when all I can think about is a cup of coffee.  Mmmmm….


Anyways, to mass produce these for people all over the world to enjoy, Pocketfuel is doing a Kickstarter campaign, and to be honest, I thought they’d far exceed their $20,000 goal within a few days, but they haven’t, and now we’re down to the last few days, and they need our help!

The great thing about kickstarter campaigns is that you don’t get charged unless they reach their full goal, and companies are always willing to give you a deal for backing them.  FOr example, for a $40 backing, you get 20 coffee packets, and then 7 nut butter packets, so 27 packets for $40!  And these packets are normally $2-$3 each.  You’re saving $20 right there!  So anyways, I love this company, I love their products, and I love coffeeeeee!  And no, I’m not sponsored by them, or receiving anything in return, I just really want them to succeed.

Click here to check out the campaign and back them!