Girl Power

Since we still have so many friends, family, and events that happen in Vancouver, we’re down in the city a lot, and seemingly every weekend.  Which is totally fine, but when Jay has to go into the city for work more often, it gets hard.  It gets to be not fun, and not something either of us feel up to.  He’s been working lots in the city, and it’s been soul sucking on his energy and drive.  So, we decided that we just had to spend the weekend at home, and since it was a long weekend, it meant 3 days in a row of not driving.

I had plans to run on both Saturday and Sunday with new ladies I’ve connected with in Squamish, and I decided I might as well post it in The Ladies of the Trails and see if we could round up a posse.  Well, let me tell you, we rounded up amazing posses for both days, 6 of us on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday!  And the bonus is that on Friday and Monday, I got out on 2 more trail dates with 2 more rad women.

2016-02-06 11.59.30

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Reality Check, T-Minus 1 Month

Signed onto Facebook this morning, and pretty much the very first thing I see…”1 month till KneeKnacker!”

Uhhhhhhh…SAY WHAT?!

Well, shit.  I didn’t realize that it was that soon.  It’s really hard to grasp that it’s almost mid-June already.  I feel like this entire 2015 has just flown by.  Especially since the beginning of March.  It’s just nuts.  And the biggest issue I have is that it’s super easy to just do the day-to-day stuff, and before you know it, a week has gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing really.  Or you have so many grand plans for the upcoming weeks or months, but without a plan, a serious, detailed plan, it’s super easy to blink and those weeks have passed already and your to-do list is still just a list because you haven’t moved forward step-by-step.

Which brings us to where I’m at with KneeKnacker.  It’s just a month away and while I had grand plans for this year’s training, I feel like I’ve lost a ton of time and only accomplish so much…

2015-05-31 11.08.29

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National Running Day – Let’s Talk About the Ladies.

Today apparently is National Running Day, and while I missed the memo and actually took today off from running, I did think it was the perfect opportunity to fill you in on how amazing the community of women in the “Ladies of the Trails” has grown and developed.

2015-06-02 20.37.18

It all started with wanting to share my love of trail running with my road running friends and show them they could do it too, way back in July of 2013.  Now, our community is 637 women strong on Facebook!  637 local Vancouver women, which is fricken AMAZING!

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RunGo – Dash for Dogs

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know about a cool little charity running event I’m helping out with in February.  My friend Craig is the founder behind the RunGo App, which is an app for your phone that gives you turn by turn directions for your running routes.  Imagine traveling to a city you’ve never been to, but you want to run a local favourite route and NOT get lost?  Plug in your headphones with the RunGo App and it will guide you effortlessly around the area.  Or if you’re planning for a goal race, you can head out and run sections of that race without ever having to worry about checking out a map or writing down directions.

Craig’s inspiration for RunGo came from his dog Dynasty who is a retired Guide Dog.  That why it only makes sense for RunGo to host a charity event with proceeds going to the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs Assoc!  And not only is a portion of the proceeds being donated, but every single dollar is donated, and your registration fee actually doubles as a charitable donation.  Oh snap!

So, I encourage you to come out and join us on Saturday February 21st at Stanley Park for the first ever Dash for Dogs!  There will be a 5K, 10K, both guided by the app, (no markers to watch out for!) and a 2K guided walk.  And obviously there will be puppies there, who can resist puppies?!  If you aren’t local or aren’t a runner, you can still donate to this great event.

For more information and to donate –




What I did on my 30th

I whined earlier in the week about how much January birthdays stink, and about how milestone birthdays can be more of a pain than a good thing.  But realistically, my friends and family are awesome and I had a great 30th.

Friday afternoon I headed downtown for a spa afternoon, and had my first ever hot stone massage.  It was fantastic.  I would definitely splurge on one of those again.  After my treatments, I had some time to kill so I did a little shopping and bought myself a couple of presents (a dress & a couple shirts).  After shopping, some close friends and I went to our favourite restaurant, Fable Kitchen, which was delicious as always.


Saturday morning I woke up with a delicious smoothie made in my Vitamix and then headed to the trails.

photo 5-1

The girls and I came up with this ridiculous prom dress run idea a few weeks ago, so we made it a reality on the trails that morning.

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

photo 4-1


Nikki couldn’t make it, but still managed to make my birthday special by posting this pic:

photo 5

Too good.

Saturday afternoon I went up to Foot Lounge for a relaxing foot massage before Jay made me a yummy steak & yams dinner, with a chocolate brownie with ice cream on top.  Yummmmmmm.  Spending time with my hubs, and both pups, is always a good day.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Finished off the night with puzzles.  Yep, I love jigsaw puzzles, and even though it was Saturday night, it was the perfect nightcap to a relaxing day.

photo 1

Sunday, you already heard about our running adventure and how it was an amazing run, but super painful for my back, and the wrong choice.

All in all, it was a great 30th Birthday.

And the best part?  It’s not over.  Me and the girls are headed to Whistler this weekend for a little drunk night out.  Woot Woot!  We’ll make sure to take a couple pretty pics before we go out.  We do know how to wear non-running clothes and make-up, promise!




January 5th

I can’t write too much.  Short story, we went out for a long run in miserable weather yesterday, and on our way down from deep snow turned into icy slush, I slid out on a rock covered in slush, and came crashing down on my lower back.  First and foremost, I’m OK.  But I’m sore, I’m whiney, and I can’t sit here blogging even though I have lots to say, so let’s go point form.

  • The BeastStreak is actually still alive and kicking.  I thought for sure it would end Dec 31st, but then the 1st is a given for a family run, and well I’ve just kept going.  I’ll admit, today looked like a no-go, but then I got to thinking, and realized that it’s really hard to say no to Day 38 without at least trying.  So, treadmill with a little Bachelor and whopping 2.5kms.
  • My back doesn’t really hurt if I’m still, and walking/running is okkkkk, but any bending over or twisting of my right side, and it’s OWWWWWWW.
  • Jay’s new Go-Pro and stabilizer is RAD.  Trail running adventures with my hubs just got way more fun, and way more stressful.  When you’ve got someone running behind you, filming your every step, trust me, you’re re-thinking the dessert from last night, or the way you’re hunching your shoulders.

A few stills from our Saturday run :


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Perfect Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week.  I like Saturdays, but Sundays I just like more.  I’m not sure why since Saturday still has another day of the weekend.  So maybe I’m wrong and I like Saturday and Sunday equally?  I don’t know.

Anyways, today was a perfect Sunday.  Woke up without an alarm, read for a bit, had a bacon & eggs breakfast with the family and then headed to the trails.  At the trailhead we bumped into friends just finishing their runs, and a friend heading out for a run….at 11:25am.  Hahah.  We don’t normally start at 11, or 11:30, but hey, why not?

photo 1-30

And then we ran.  And hiked.  And wandered the trails.  And ran into friends.  And just spent a few hours re-connecting with nature.  Perfection.

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2015…so far…

The most common question I’m hearing nowadays among my runner friends is some version of what’s up for 2015?  Whether they’re asking about goal races, running trips, fun races/events, everyone is starting to think about their calendar.  It’s always hard to choose what to do, what to miss, and what’s most important.

I’m still not 100%, but I do feel like I’m on the way to being healed and running strongly.  So, in that positive thought process, I have registered for a few races.  Not too many, but here’s what’s on the calendar, thus far.  Bold means registered, italic means I’m working it, and regular font means I’m thinking about it.

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Every Day I’m Shuffling…errrr Running

Day 15.  Technically Day 17 of my run-streak since December started on a Monday, and I ran Saturday and Sunday because, well, it was the weekend of the Ugly Sweater Trail Run!

Yesterday I struggled through my run.  My heart was there, but my body just wasn’t in it.  I had torqued my ankle towards the end of Saturday’s run, and my legs just weren’t having anything to do with running on Sunday.  My ankles and calves especially took forever to warm up.  They were stiff and sore, and working against me.

I’ve mentioned before that my running mentor, Rainy, was the inspiration behind the Ugly Sweater Trail Run, as every year she hosts a “Oh Run All Ye Faithful” running/walking event out of her mom’s carport, where we do as few or as many 5K loops as we want.  Well, Sunday was the 7th Annual!  My parents flew back into town on Friday and on Sunday the 3 of us headed over to join in the fun.


Don’t we look great?  Although no one else had festive sweaters on!  I wonder why…

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2014 Ugly Sweater Trail Run Recap

Guys!!  I forgot to post about the Ugly Sweater Trail Run!  Whoooooops!  I realized today while I was showing Gram something on my blog (Gram, are you reading this??) that I had never posted about it.

It was a CRAZY cold, icy morning (for Vancouver), and even though the sun was shining bright, the cold and ice, and a wee bit of snow, kept many runners in their homes.

Regardless of the low attendance, we had a great time and even with the icy conditions we had no falls, but tons of laughs!


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