Whole 30 = Finished!

Well, there you have it folks!  Another Whole 30 is all wrapped up nicely with a ribbon on top.  Kind of crazy that it’s been 30 days with no coffee, no sugar, no treats at all.  Pretty awesome really.

I started Whole 30 on May 26th, and I weighed in that morning at 172.  I was down to 161 last Thursday, but a weekend of a few too many Lara bars and too much fruit and nuts in general and I’m back up to 163 this morning.  Sigh.  Not quite the 159 I was hoping to close off the Whole 30 at, but it’s still 9+ lbs lost, and a whole heck of a lot of good habits re-gained.

I’m not actually going to quite Whole 30 today, I’ve got Alla’s stagette on Saturday, and mine & Jay’s anniversary dinner on Friday, so I think I’ll probably go till Friday night before getting off the train.  And I don’t intend to completely get off the train, because the wedding is in just 2.5 short weeks, and I’d really like to be my lowest ever on the day I stand up beside my friend, who I’ve known since I was just a wee little girl.

I do want a delicious coffee, but, I don’t really deserve it right now, so I’ll wait till I reallllllllly want it, maybe Sunday when I wake up hungover?  Hahah.

Im surprised that I;m not chomping at the bit to quite Whole 30, and part of me is even a bit disappointed that I can’t continue it 100% through the weekend, but life gets in the way, I’ll just be making smarter choice moving forward.

Nothing else to say right now, just wanted to check in and let you guys know I completed my 30 day challenge!  Woo!



Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I’m copying Nikki’s post from this morning, because I always enjoy blog posts where I get to do a little babbling and check in…some of my favourite posts are the “if we were having a coffee right now” posts, which is kind of like this.

My first time doing a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post, but it sounds fun, so here we go!

Hmm…what am I thinking?  This is actually hard then it sounds, since my thoughts aren’t very interesting today.  Should’ve thought of that before we started, oops.

I’m thinking that I’m scared that I’m going to plateau at 161 lbs.  I’m on day 25 of my Whole 30, and I seem to have stalled at 161 the past few 2 days.  I know it’s not that long of a time frame, but I’m immediately a bit worried, because I have had this problem of breaking into the 150′s before, and I was so hoping that I was going to blast past it this time, that I had slayed the dragons of my previous lowest weight ever (157/158)

I’m also thinking about how weird it is that JAY is racing on Saturday, and I’m not.  Say what?

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Whole 30 – Halfway There

Here we are, day 15 is in the bag, and I’m officially halfway through my Whole 30.  I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m doing, especially since I had a crazy busy weekend of race directing the 5 Peaks Alice Lake race, and co-hosting my elementary school bestie’s bridal shower.  And we all know what kind of food you find at showers….

So, how’d I do? First, let’s take a moment to just check out this view.  This is at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola.  We took a quick ride up to the top on Saturday post race and were so impressed.  Definitely put it on the must-do list.


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Whole 30 – Week 1

It’s funny how the brain can play tricks on us, and we can forget how good we feel when we do something.  It’s like stretching, and foam rolling.  We know it’s good for us, but it takes time and effort, and it just plain hurts a lot of the time, so I don’t blame us for not doing it.

Same goes with our food habits.  To be healthy and to make the right choices takes time and energy.  If you’re eating on the go, or grabbing something last minute, it’s not likely going to be a) healthy or b) well balanced c) satisfying.  And when I say satisfying, I’m talking about big picture satisfying, not just tastes good satisfying.  I’m talking about that feeling you get after organizing your closet, or food prepping for the week.  That kind of “ahhhh” breathe out satisfaction.

Anyways, I’m satisfied right now.  In a great way.  And it just so happens to be the end of Day 8 of my Whole 30…

Oh and I’m not running still, but I did get out and on some trails briefly this weekend!


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So, I started a Whole 30…

Ever since I originally read It Starts With Food and did a full Whole 30 I’ve wanted to do it again.  But, with long distance running, I have never been able to keep it up, and get in the right amount of fuelling.

When I admitted I was injured and started brainstorming how to keep myself busy (and sane!) one of the first things that popped into my head was doing a Whole 30.

Not only is it ‘good’ timing with not running, and not traveling.  Yes, we’ve cancelled our Colorado/Utah road trip in June.  Wahhhhh.  But, it’s also something I think I need since I’ve really been struggling and stuck with my weight swaying between 163 & 171 lately.  It’s sad how fast my weight creeps back up when I’m not paying attention.

My favourite thing about Whole 30 is that reminds you of the good habits, and once you’re immersed in good habits, it’s wayyyyy harder to fall off the wagon.

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Month of April 2014 – Training Recap

It was mostly just being busy, but also not really wanting to talk about my sub par training that had me almost forgetting to post April’s training recap.

Total Road KMs : 0 kms

Total Trail KMs : ~200 kms

KMs raced during April : 50K – Yakima 50K

Total KMs this month : 200 kms

Total KM’s this year : 800.5 kms

Hours running :  30 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 2ish

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 2 - Grind closed, but made it up & down BCMC twice.

How’s my month been?

Womp womp.  There really isn’t too much to say.  I volunteered and cheered lots in April, and I raced once, at the Yakima Skyline 50K, which I basically hated.  It wasn’t a great month for training, but I also had a prolo injection, which takes almost a week off of running as well.  If I had done this recap right after April ended, I’d probably be more positive about it, but on a whole, I think womp, womp definitely describes my month.

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Month of March 2014 – Training Recap

March, oh where did you go??

Total Road KMs : 17 kms (treadmill…close enough to road)

Total Trail KMs : ~225.5 kms

KMs raced during January : 13 km trail race at Cap Crusher

Total KMs this month : 242.5 kms

Total KM’s this year : 600.5 kms

Hours running :  36 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 2ish

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 1 – Grind closed, but made it up & down BCMC once.

How’s my month been?

Surprisingly good.  At the end of February I was pushing hard to turn my month around, and I ended up being able to do exactly that.  Even though I had a prolo shot right before the end of February, and 1 in March, I’ve got a really decent overall mileage, I’m down ~7 lbs, and I’m making noticeable improvements in my foot injury.  All of this packaged together makes for a pretty solid month of March.

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No Fooling this April Fools – It’s Diet Bet time!

Whenever I talk about my weight; my weight struggles/successes/setbacks, the views on my blog soar, and I’m overwhelmed by comments from friends and strangers alike that are reaching out, saying they understand, they struggle too, and that it’s a life long battle for many of us.

And while I do agree that for me I will never had a super model’s body, and be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, I don’t necessarily agree that it has to be a full cycle.  Every time I lose weight substantially, I chip away a little bit more, and get a little bit closer to my goal weight, or goal size for those of you who don’t like to just have body image discussed in lbs.  I’ve never gone all the way back to where I started, and I take pride in that.  Yes, I’ve fluctuated up and down, but it’s still closer to the down than to the up.

I still have faith that one day I’ll reach my goals, and I still have faith that even though I have fluctuated, that I’m still at a much more comfortable place than I was at 10 yrs ago, 5 yrs ago, and 3 yrs ago.  1 year ago, I was the lightest I’ve ever been, so I’m not as comfortable as I was then, but I’m back on the track to being back there.

This is a really long post, about my weight struggles, and how I’ve had some success in the past, and how I think I can help you if you’re struggling right now.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re treading water in the weight loss game, and you’re tired, and you feel like you’re close to letting go and sinking.  Hopefully some of these thoughts and tips can help throw you a life raft for right now.

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Wednesday – Weight Check In

Last week I blogged about my weight, how it was up, and how in general I felt a bit like an oompa-loompa.  Ya, ya, I know 10 lbs isn’t the end of the world, but I also know when I don’t feel right.  So, I decided to make some changes and commitments to get back into my regular, healthy habits.  I joined a DietBet that officially started on Saturday, but I was able to weigh in on Thursday, so that’s always a bonus getting an extra couple of days momentum going into the challenge.

And after a couple of solid days last week, I didn’t want to ruin everything on the weekend, so I went into the weekend being smart.

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Dietbet, Coffee, Injections.

Again, thank you for all the great support coming out of my weight post from earlier this week, you guys are the best and I love blogging because of readers like you.

The rest of this week has been really random.  Since making my confessions, and putting myself out there, I’m already making a change and moving in the right direction.  I also decided I needed to quit coffee for a while again.  And then, then I got needles in my foot.  And not like nice needles like acupuncture, no, mean needles of injections into my foot.  Owwie.

So, it’s been a bit random, so what’s a girl to do other than blog about it on a Friday night?

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