Worst Blogger, Ever.

Yep, I should get an award for sucking at this blogging thing lately.  I wish I had a good reason, but I really don’t…just super busy and not much to blog about.

I’ve been busy, but it’s not really blog worthy in my opinion…lots of working.  And lots of being frustrated with my god damn ankle.  B…b…b…b…boring!

But, since I have a few minutes and I don’t want to leave you totally hanging out, here’s a little update on what’s happening.

A little taste of where I’ll be Saturday morning…


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Guest Post – Chloe & Chantelle Run Whistler Half

Ahhh two of my little baby beasts ran the Whistler Half Marathon together a couple of weeks ago, after completing a training cycle under the watchful eye of their Beast Coach.  You may know Chloe Jr from the Guest Posts she’s done for the blog, but you probably don’t know her bestie, Chantelle.  When I first met Chantelle, she started coming with Chloe to Ladies of the Trails, and her and Chloe would hang out, back of the pack, chatting away the entire time about food.  No joke, the entire run was food based.  Both of them newer to trail running, it was always fun to take them through the muddier sections and listen to their squeals and watch them try to avoid as much mud as possible.

But, beneath their playful exterior, I knew that Chloe was a super strong runner, and so much stronger than she believed, and as I got to know Chantelle, I realized the besties had that in common as well.  Both of them are beautiful strong women, and that strength has come out even more since embarking on training for this race together.  Over the past few months they’ve put in the work, never questioned or whined or complained, just put their heads down and ran.

And now, the last time we went running, before this half marathon even took place, Chantelle and Chloe were both up at the front of the pack, asking me about a FULL marathon training plan, and how much work and time would go into it.  You could just feel the running love, and how much they’d both grown in their running.  It was a super proud beast moment.

This is the story of how their race went.  This was Chantelle’s first ever half marathon, and I know first hand how meaningful it is to finish a big goal with a friend by your side.  Brings my back to when I finished my first marathon, with Cathy by my side.

Running and friendship often go hand in hand, and I know how close these girls are, and am so happy they’ve also been able to take their friendship onto the trails and onto the pavement, training side by side.


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Guest Post – James Meets his Maker – MYM 50 Miler – 2013

As most of you know, James is a teammate on the Salomon West Van shop team, and has become a staple in my training life, and also my outside life.  He’s become a good friend, and I was gutted to realize that not only would I not be running MYM myself, but I also wouldn’t be there to support my friends, James included.  I’ve seen James training his hiney off (literally), and while I knew it was going to be a tough race (when is 50miles ever easy?  Especially the first time around!!), I just knew that he had it in himself to get through the entire 80+ kms.  

Spoiler : He DID finish!!  And when I asked him for a guest post, I didn’t think I’d get it, but he did an awesome job summing up his journey, and I’m so glad to share it with my readers.

I’m beyond proud of him for this accomplishment, I and I hope to have my own 50miler completed in just a few short months.  Ahhhhh.  

Without further ado, I bring you James’ Guest Post on the Meet Your Maker 50Miler in Whistler, BC, on Sept 1, 2013.


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Trading MYM for…???

As many of you know, my big huge scary crazy goal for this year was to run a 50Miler, and the 50Miler I chose was Meet Your Maker in Whistler, BC, that I ran part of as a relay team last September long weekend.

I committed before I could really think about it, at the start of 2013, and planned out my entire year dedicated to building to that insane goal.

Unfortunately, a family wedding date changed from July to the exact same date as MYM, and my 50Miler dreams for 2013 were crushed.  There wasn’t another 50Miler in the area that I could run instead.

Well, I haven’t actually talked about it on here, or with many people, but I actually decided to trade MYM for something else a few months back, and it’s now time to fill you in…any guesses???

Hint : This gal, Melissa, who I’ve been running with on the trails this year, is the reason I’m taking on this challenge!  And no, we did not set up this shot, although some people might think we are handicapped for our ideas!!


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5Peaks – Whistler 2013 – Trail Race – Race Recap

My 17th race of the year, was the 4th of the 5Peaks 2013 series, the Whistler – Blackcomb Mountain edition on August 24th, 2013.


Adam Campbell, the eventual winner of the Enduro course absolutely killing it out there!

Spoiler alert :  I struggled.  Similar to my last 5Peaks race at Cypress, I struggled along, didn’t feel great most of the race.  This time though, I was able to finish with a PR on this course of 3 mins faster then in 2012, so that’s definitely a positive.

Check out my full recap & some fabulous pictures, like the one above, from the very talented Rob Shaer!

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5Peaks – Whistler Trail Race – short & sweet

Home and relaxing on the couch after a whirlwind overnight trip to Whistler for the annual 5Peaks Whistler race on top of Blackcomb Mountain, I’m looking back at this morning, and I’ve decided that I’m going to see it as a success (I wasn’t so sure post race…)

I shaved exactly 3 minutes off last year’s time, on the same course, and last year I took over 5 mins off my time from 2011.  So, taking off 8 minutes in 2 years, it’s definitely forward progress.  But the truth of it is, I struggled, and have been struggling on these shorter/faster races.  I’ll elaborate on my full race recap, but for now, know that I’m actually excited to have the next 4 weeks off from racing.  I know I need the break, and I’m going to take full advantage and enjoy it.  The final 5Peaks race of the season, Buntzen Lake Sept 28, I’m going into it with fresh, not “just raced 83kms in the 2 weekends prior” legs!

Regardless, today was a great day in Whistler.


My Official Stats : 1:29:21 – 9/16 females 20-29, 116th overall out of 210 finishers

Results can be found here.

Full recap to come!




As Seen…On Our Garibaldi Lake Trail Run/Hike

Last Sunday, Salomon West Van team members Gemma, James, and myself took our other (better?) half’s for a day trip trail adventure to Garibaldi Lake.


I’m not quite sure if the views were worth the hike up….

NOT!  It was the most beautiful day and Garibaldi Lake was as beautiful, if not more beautiful than Jay and I remembered!  Jay brought the AfriCam, so obviously we took a ton of pictures.  And I’ll give you the low-down on the trail because it’s a great day hike for locals and tourists, and really is worth the climb, which by the way is not a super tough climb.

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Guest Post – Ryland Takes on the YETI!

This morning I have a treat for you, my friend Ryland, who you’ll remember as my random twitter teammate from the Meet Your Maker relay team last September, recently ran the Yeti Snowshoe Race in Whistler, BC.

I asked him to write a guest post on this since I thought it was such a neat event, that isn’t very well known!

Here’s Ryland killing it during the race – all photos courtesy of Rob Shaer, 5 Peaks amazing photog!


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MYM50 – Race Recap

Last weekend I participated as part of a relay team running the MYM50 – Meet Your Maker 50 mile trail race in Whistler, BC.

The short version :

50 Miler, in 1 of the most beautiful cities in the world, almost all single-track trails, after a 30 km warm-up of super technical trails, you go ALL the way UP Blackcomb Mtn, ride the Peak2Peak Gondola, and then go ALL the way DOWN Whistler Mtn!  The race is broken into 7 legs ranging from 7.86 kms to 21.12 kms, can be raced as a solo or a relay team from 2 to 7 members. Course tests all kinds of strengths and trail running skills – the crazy long never ending uphill climb, insanely steep downhill descent, super technical trails, a bit of road running, not to mention the accumulative distance of over 80 kms.  The race website lists the race at being 81.58 kms, but in winner Mike Murphy’s recap of the race, he lists it as 86 kms.  CRAZY LONG, either way.

I found a team of 2 other random people wanting to participate through Twitter & Facebook, and we split up the race into 3 chunks.  I had Legs 4, 5, & 6, totaling about 30 kms.  The most difficult part about my legs was that I was starting my race with the leg that goes straight down Whistler Mtn from the gondola to Creekside.  And then after destroying my legs, I’d still have to run another 22-ish kms.  It was going to be my hardest race thus far in my life, but I was ready for it!

Spoiler alert : My social media team was awesome, we all put our best efforts into our legs, we managed to beat the cut-off, finish strong, and had no injuries or major issues between the 3 of us.  We finished officially in 10:52:25!

Now, for those of you who want to read the long version, here it is :

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Weekly Training Recap – August 27 – Sept 2 – Week 9!

This week’s training:  (Monday August 27th – Sunday September 2nd)

Ninth week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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